Retailers face more competition than ever before. Not only are many surrounded by countless other options, the rapid growth of e-commerce means many are skipping the in-person shopping experience altogether. However, brick and mortar retail owners can offer something that online retailers can’t – an audio, video experience.

More and more, shoppers aren’t only looking for the lowest price or the most convenience. They want a shopping experience that gives them something more than the product they’re looking for. With the right partner, stores can also discover ways to offer many of the same shopping conveniences that shoppers are drawn to online, but with the bonus of the physical retail experience.

With shrinking profit margins and stiff competition, every dollar you invest in your store must have an impact. At Promotion Technology Group (PTG), our team of professional, experienced specialists can help you design, purchase, and install a retail audio visual system that will have an immediate and lasting impact on your business.



Advances in technology are creating possibilities for retail stores that didn’t exist until recently. Trying to keep up or get ahead of the newest options takes a dedicated team of professionals committed to helping businesses take the next step in audio visual. Are you prepared to make your vision of a new AV system installation a reality?

Some of the options available include digital signage, interactive digital signage, audio sound systems for background music, or public address (PA) systems. For an added layer of security, PTG can also help you with integrated surveillance system design and installation.


Retail audio system design is more complicated than it seems. It’s about more than just adding an amplifier and some speakers. Specialists review the environment, including the materials used for flooring and walls, and then consider how the sound will reflect and reverberate through your space. A specialist also considers the appropriate tone and volume for your location, as you want to be sure you’re creating the right experience through sound. It’s essential to consider the multiple technology options that will work best with the space, goals, and budget.

PTG's specialists understand all these dynamics and can find a solution that will work most effectively and give you options to upgrade in the future. Your audio system installation is just as important as selecting the right equipment, and a professionally-installed system will not only sound better but will also look better. Pay attention to every detail during installation and the equipment will work flawlessly for years.



Sound professionals have a precise process for retail store audio system design. Some installers might show up with equipment and just start hanging speakers. Professional designers, on the other hand, begin with measuring and analyzing. A complete and precise rendering of the layout of the space is an essential first step. Then, it’s critical to evaluate the sound signature of the store. Some retail locations are large with high ceilings and lots of echo. Others are smaller and more intimate with sound-absorbing materials like clothing and carpets. Different spaces may each require a different audio system design.

The next phase of the retail store audio system design process is about understanding the goals of the client. One store may need very subtle music that’s just loud enough to add some atmosphere to the room. Another store may want something a bit more in the forefront – a sound that drives the mood of shoppers. Other retailers need something more than music. Sound systems can be designed for public address or even in-store audio advertising and promotion.



Retail store sound systems are at their best when no one notices them. Sound is part of the experience, and nothing should get in the way of that, especially unprofessional or faulty installation. When you work with professionals like those at PTG, you can be sure that your sound system installation will be done the right way.

With rigorous standards and a relentless commitment to excellence, your audio system will be far more than the sum of its parts. Speakers will be installed to blend with decor. Wiring will be professionally-run to avoid problems down the road. Moreover, the entire system will be professionally-tested to verify that it operates as promised.



When people think of background music, they might not be thinking of the impact the right music can have on the retail experience. Music is a powerful medium, though, with the influence to set a mood, cause a reaction, and evoke emotion in an unobtrusive way. People are naturally drawn to music.

In trying to create an impactful physical retail experience, don't discount the power of a background music system. For music to have an impact on your store, start with the right equipment. PTG's specialists will be sure you have the right components for your space and goals, following that up with proper installation. Professional installation can mean the difference between a retail sound system that creates an experience and one that leaves you with regrets.


Interior Shot of New York and Co indoor retail space


We now live in a society where consumers are accustomed to accessing the world through video screens. Those screens can, unfortunately, keep people out of your stores as they do their shopping online. However, did you know you can bring that same dynamic, interactive experience into your store?

Retail video display technology is your chance to make a powerful first impression, reaching out and grabbing the attention of customers throughout their visit. A retail video display strategy can completely change the look and feel of your space without an expensive renovation. Your customers will enter a modern, cutting-edge store with video features they’ve become accustomed to.



Video can add an entirely new dimension to the shopping experience, but only if it’s done correctly. Merely installing a display screen or two is not going to get the results you desire.

Video display design is a specialized field, and PTG's specialists understand the nuances of deploying video in retail. It starts with your goals. Whether the goal is to replace static signage, keep customers in the store longer, make shopping experiences smoother, provide entertainment, allow customers to do product research, or provide a layer of entertainment, the design of your video displays is critical. The choice of technology, the size, the number of displays, and the technology to drive content are all essential considerations in the video display design process.



A well-planned video display system is only as good as the installation. Displays should never detract from the shopping experience – only enhance it. Unprofessional video system installation will not only detract from the look and feel of your store, but it also may not function as planned.

When it comes to interconnected and interactive displays, correct installation from a professional is critical. Trust PTG to ensure that your video display system is installed to the latest specifications and and tested to provide an excellent experience.



Video can do more than just engage customers. It can also keep your business safe and secure, and at PTG, we can help you design and install a retail surveillance system.

Whether it’s about keeping your premises safe after hours or improving your loss prevention program, your surveillance system design can be customized to your surveillance goals. Whether you’re looking for a visible installation that makes it clear to potential criminals that your store is monitored, or a more discreet system that blends in, professional surveillance system installation is paramount.


Woman using interactive display system to shop for appliances


Interactive retail technology creates the opportunity to revolutionize the brick and mortar retail experience. Online shopping has caused customers to become used to having everything they need at their fingertips. From checking inventory to product research to completing a purchase, people can now do it with a click or touch.

The good news is that same experience can be achieved in your store. With digital technology in retail, you can bring your space into the digital age, and PTG can help you every step of the way. Retail technology design, when done correctly, enhances the physical experience with the addition of digital. Choosing the right partner for retail technology installation ensures that the customer experience is enhanced at every step.



Digital technology also goes hand in hand with analytics. Brick and mortar locations that keep up with the times are leveraging tools to collect data about their in-store customers. With retail analytics, you can monitor the movements of shoppers as they browse your store. Analytics and behavior sensing technology allow you to develop heat maps so you can place top items in an area of the store with the most traffic. In conjunction with an interactive store display, you can target millennial audiences with product and messaging that aligns with their needs.



What does window shopping look like in a digital world? It looks like an interactive window display, and this is the latest way to engage customers before they even enter your store. Customers who were "just looking" can be instantly drawn into an experience with your store and merchandise thanks to attractive displays.

Once customers are inside your store, an interactive store display can turn browsers into buyers. Interactive displays can be set up to allow shoppers to browse products, check inventory, and even complete a purchase without ever talking to a salesperson.



Retail system design can be confusing and complicated, and PTG can simplify the process for your business. From choosing the right equipment to ensuring that interactive displays, point-of-sale-systems, and inventory management systems all work together flawlessly, saving frustration for your customers and employees.



Once you’ve chosen all the components and software to power your new system, count on PTG for retail system installation done right. With so many options of wired and wireless connections and multiple modern communication protocols, you need to ensure that everything works correctly before the project is finished.


PTG work at North Sail in New York - Huge video wall


With all the possibilities of a retail audio visual system, it can be challenging to know where to begin. To unlock the true potential, you need someone to help you understand how AV systems work and how to create an integrated system to meet business goals.

PTG has the experience in the cutting edge field of video display system to bring digital to life for your retail environment.

Ready to find the best hardware and software solutions to fit your needs? We’ll work with you to sort out all the details and help with installation, training, maintenance, and upgrades. When you’re ready to join the retail digital revolution, we’re here to help.