By and large, there are few industries that are more client-focused than healthcare, as providing quality products and services must always take priority when a customer’s health and well-being are involved.


To provide the best possible care, the healthcare sector has historically been at the forefront of new technology trends. From cutting-edge telemedicine robots to life-changing medical devices, innovation touches nearly every aspect of a patient’s experience once they step foot in a healthcare facility.


However, there are some aspects of healthcare that modern technology has yet to permeate. While hospitals and outpatient clinics are rapidly adopting the newest medical equipment available, many facilities haven’t updated their audio visual equipment in decades.


While a sleek and modern waiting room probably isn’t at the top of the list for most healthcare administrators, failure to provide such amenities can have a negative impact on patient experiences. Many patients have reported that traditional waiting areas, with their old magazines and jargon-filled medical posters, stress them out. This not only leads to a negative customer experience, but can actually induce a medical condition known as white coat syndrome.


Furthermore, outdated audio visual equipment can make routine tasks such as video conferencing and medical education difficult for doctors, nurses, and patients alike. Thankfully, the adoption of a modern audio visual system can mitigate these issues. Promotion Technology Group (PTG) is proud to provide all-inclusive audio visual services, with the ability to:

  • Create an AV design solution tailor-made to the needs of healthcare professionals.
  • Offer an industry-leading AV installation solution to ensure proper system configuration from day one.
  • Provide lifetime AV servicing solutions to guarantee optimized functionality throughout your AV system’s life.



At PTG, we understand the unique audio visual technology needs presented by today’s modern healthcare environment. From the largest healthcare systems to the smallest local clinics, we’ll work to design, install, and maintain the right professional AV solution for your facility.


Just as no two patients are alike, no two healthcare facilities will need the exact same audio visual solution. Our team understands this dynamic and will work tirelessly to develop an AV solution that will delight patients, empower healthcare providers, and modernize your facility.


Advances in audio visual technology have been pushing healthcare forward in recent years. For instance, consider the recent rise of telemedicine, which now enables patients in almost any location to receive high-quality care from primary doctors and specialists.


Researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health recently authored a study that shows the use of telemedicine services is rising in communities around the country. As this trend continues to develop, the ability to provide high-quality healthcare services to patients in remote areas will become increasingly important. This is especially true for regional healthcare facilities that are located near rural communities.


You might be thinking, what does this study have to do with an audio visual technology provider? Well, to provide telehealth services to a growing patient population, healthcare facilities need access to modern AV technology. A telehealth network service can help your organization meet the rising demand for remote healthcare offerings.


Similarly, audio visual solutions can accommodate medical devices for video capture, such as the two-way telemedicine robots that are now being utilized in some settings. More importantly, PTG designs AV to last with the ability to scale as needed to accommodate the future growth of remote healthcare services.




Whether for professional development or promoting healthy patient habits, medical education provides numerous benefits for patients and healthcare providers alike. For patients, the opportunity to learn about the benefits provided by a healthy diet and exercise can yield lower healthcare costs over a lifetime. For medical professionals, the opportunity to pursue continuing medical education helps your facility be at its best for years to come.


Regardless of how your organization chooses to approach medical education, positive outcomes begin with a great audio visual system. Installing interactive displays and immersive sound systems can help to transform traditional medical video conferencing into an immersive educational experience.




There are countless television shows about doctors, nurses, and surgeons, but the hidden heroes of today’s healthcare industry are administrative professionals. Without a strong healthcare administration team, it would be difficult to provide sick patients with the critical care and services they so often need.


Similarly, working with healthcare administration professionals provides a great avenue for modernizing a facility’s audio visual equipment. While doctors are busy diagnosing diseases and providing treatments, administrative professionals are often the ones working to provide a comfortable experience for patients and their loved ones.


To this end, digital signage in hospitals can help to make it easier for visitors to navigate their way through your hospital or clinic. A modern digital signage solution leverages cutting-edge features like digital kiosk technology to transform a hospital visit into an interactive experience. With endless customization options, PTG will help you create a unique signage solution that’s as functional as it is enjoyable to use.


While interactive technology is an important modern amenity for any organization, communication systems in healthcare serve as the backbone of every hospital and clinic. Whether you’re looking for a building-wide intercom system or an enterprise phone solution, we’ve got you covered. Our turnkey communications solutions will make it easier than ever for employees to stay on the same page throughout their workday. 




Healthcare facilities are busy places, filled with sights and sounds that can be overwhelming, and this is especially true for those responsible for handling the phones during peak times of the year (such as flu season). With custom audio solutions ranging from paging systems to virtual answering service systems, we can help you make sense of the often hectic environments presented by healthcare.


You care about your patients and their families, and so does PTG. Once our team puts together a design and creative plan for your healthcare facility, we offer a perfect combination of displays for wayfinding and general information, music systems, and interactive technology to guarantee your visitors have the best experience possible.


Our design expertise ensures you get what you want and what you need to meet the demands of today’s technology. Each AV project requires a fresh approach, meticulous project management, and industry-compliant engineering.


We’ve been experts in the field for more than 30 years, and it’s our job to stay on top of the latest AV solutions and best practices for healthcare. We research and push for ongoing improvements.