Changing Needs During COVID-19

Opening for business means taking practical steps and heeding regulatory guidelines. These conditions are fluid and will probably remain so for a while. Communicating these expectations efficiently to everyone entering your place of business has become a new layer of complexity for operators.



Protect Customers and Employees during COVID-19

Protect your customers, your employees, and your community by deploying point-of-entry communication technologies designed by PTG to clearly and accurately inform every person who enters your place of business. They'll feel confident that they are entering a safe, clean, and secure environment. 


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AV Expertise Meets Point of Entry Technology

Point-of-entry technology solutions by PTG, allow you to communicate and connect with your community making sure you get it right- the first time. As experts in commercial A/V, we've already got our head in this game. We're already running the technologies that entertain and inform your customers and guests inside your space — but it's time to start the experience journey at the curb.



Informing Customers

Informing customers of any procedures and protections before they enter the store can help protect everyone from COVID-19. This keeps employees having to remind every customer coming through the door to wear a mask. This offers you a chance to gently remind customers of a mask policy or simply offer some disinfectant to them.


Delighting Customers

Some are worried about shopping retail during the pandemic but PTG offers a way to reassure customers. Telling customers about the store procedure for cleaning can help people feel more at ease about shopping. Letting the elderly know there is a 6 foot social distancing practice can help make them feel safe to come in your store and shop. Like any good interactive AV system this can be done in a smooth way.


Lower Risk to Customers

There are better ways to minimize risk and enforce rules then to have a bouncer at your local stores. Unfortunately, if that person does not take proper precautions and gets sick, many customers could be at risk. Having your first point of contact be a point of entry be a light touch to keep masks on is a much less invasive way to treat customers and keep employees safer.


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solutions for every need:

There are so many solutions coming on the market now to help businesses deal with these new conditions.

Capabilities across the board are changing how we use commercial a/v technology to inform, educate...and now, keep us safe.


No-touch temperature reading allows early detection and prevents asymptomatic transmission.


Help customers reduce transmission by touch. Sanitize at the door.


Ensure that visitors are compliant with local ordinance regarding mask use in public spaces.


Help customers reduce transmission by touch. Sanitize at the door.

Sanitizer in lobby
temperature towers reception
temperature tower

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When health, safety, protection, and trust are top of mind


Shoppers spend their money with brands they trust. Trust was confined to quality, value, and service but now must include personal health and welfare. Similarly, employees, an employer’s most valuable asset, must trust their working environment for the safety and well-being of themselves, their colleagues, family, friends, and loved ones. They too, need to be informed and reassured every time they enter their store, their office, their hospital, their factory — any place where they expect to be safe. True leadership will provide point-of-entry communication technologies supported by consistent, measured, and accurate communication that are serious about protecting their customers and employees.

It's easier than you think

According to the recent COVID-19 Brand Sentiment Navigator Report, 6 out of 10 consumers state that COVID-19 has impacted their perception of brands significantly. Nearly 6,000 people were asked about the best action that brands have taken that led to positive sentiments. The top three responses included:

  • 58% — Brands keeping their customers (and employees) safe
  • 55% — Brands taking measures to ensure safety and well-being of their employees
  • 44% — Brands showing empathy

Point-of-Entry solutions from PTG make it easy for your brand to deliver on your promises.



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Businesses are opening across the country. We're there with you, nation-wide. PTG can mobilize nationally to get these solutions working at your door, welcoming back your customers and safely getting you back on track.

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Point of Entry Systems for Management

Being a retail manager during COVID-19 has to be hard but a point of entry system could help lighten the burden and serve as a multi-fold tool for standard operating procedures for management, ensuring the safety and health of both customers and employees.



Increase productivity by alleviating the burden of an employee to remind customers to wear masks by utilizing a point of entry system such as a digital sign that is easy to update with relevant and current messaging or safety procedures, and also includes a touch free hand sanitizer station. As business operating procedures are updated or changed to align with current guidelines and safety protocols, digital signage can be an effective tool and worthy investment to allow for up-to-date, real time signage updates.



Point of entry systems can also help you keep track of the number of people in your store by monitoring the in and out movements of customers, foot traffic, and employees. By knowing these numbers, you can decide when a door needs the additional monitoring of an employee. A capacity door counter also provides you analytics and data that can be used to alleviate this additional monitoring position. This type of solution will also allow you to effectively control capacity percentages in real-time, and total occupants. 


If you don't see what you need here, or if you have any questions at all about point of entry solutions and how they might work for your teams, we're standing by to answer. Fill out the form below, or give us a quick shout at 248-668-3100.