Johnny Rockets Interior


Networked menu boards, music systems, touchscreens and more. When it comes to a full course of integrated systems, we’re ready to serve. Design, engineering, installation, service and support – Order up!

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Retail store from the sidewalk


From brilliant eye candy that leaps off the screen, to wayfinding, to self-serve kiosks, to fully customized fixtures, our ability to serve your retail location is only limited by our collective imagination. Let’s get started.

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High end automotive dealership


Who says your customers can’t build the car they want in real time? Our interactive installations give you an unlimited showroom floor. Schedule a test drive, now.

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Man jumping and kicking kick bag


Inspiring playlists from crisp, integrated speakers. Banks of commercial-grade screens for news junkies on treadmills. Ready for an engaging workout? We’re the trainer for you.

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Restaurant Interior


You provide your guests a comfortable experience; we help to enhance their stay. Beautiful, branded video walls to fill the lobby. Carefully curated music, selected for day or evening. Self-service kiosks for area wayfinding or check-in. Let’s make your guests arrive feeling welcome and leave feeling refreshed.

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Corporate board room


From building-wide conference and display systems, to a boardroom ready to tackle international teleconferencing and sales presentations, let our design and engineering team show you what’s possible. Prepare yourselves. Nobody does corporate systems like PTG.

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Inside bank


Top-notch CCTV, security and monitoring systems that blend in, while still providing an awesome customer experience? Bank on it. We know how important security is to your industry. And, at the same time, our display systems are the perfect way to engage with customers, promote offers and give your public areas just the right branded touch.

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Hospital Chair


You care about your patients and their families. We do, too. Once our team puts together a design and creative plan for your facility, we can offer a perfect combination of displays for wayfinding and general information, music systems and interactive technology to guarantee your visitors have the best experience possible.

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Higher Education Desks


Your campus is full of the most tech-savvy people on the planet – your students. Their expectations for the latest classroom technology is high. PTG delivers. From interactive SMART boards, to the most robust commercial displays for campus-wide messaging and content and everything in between, let our team guide you through the latest tech to keep your facilities top-ranked.

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