Audio visual (AV) solutions are shaping the world around us, helping to guide consumers, educate students, and inform our decisions with interactive and engaging experiences. In years past, printed signage and a stack of brochures were all that counted for an interactive experience. Today’s audiences, however, are far more evolved with higher expectations of how they respond to signs and signals provided for them.


Advanced engagement technologies are everywhere – they’re in big box retail stores, government buildings, and higher education institutions. Everything from digital signage to high-end audio systems power what we think and how we perceive information about the world around us.



When colleges and universities assess the needs of their students, crafting a highly immersive experience is one of the top priorities. The competitive nature of higher education combined with the race into the digital age means leveraging a professional AV solution and provider. To deliver new and evolving methods of instruction, making the right choice is vital to every institution in operation today.


With the integration of distance education, building a more effective video conferencing solution means using all the tools in the digital communication arsenal. With an investment in video conferencing, all students (both local and remote) can be heard and can participate in classroom activities, thus improving information retention and learning.


The days when traditional chalk boards were all that were needed to teach students are over. Even the stately projector, with its washed-out visuals and problem-prone equipment is a relic from a bygone era. Today’s institutions, the ones serving students at all stages of their education, are turning to the magic produced by commercial video display. These are the large format screens and presentation equipment complete with high impact visuals and theater quality sound.


By moving to digital media, vast resources used to develop, print, and house paper media can transition to supporting core messaging activities. This means reallocating precious resources while delivering a more engaging experience to students and educators.



Colleges and universities support student bodies that range from the hundreds to the tens of thousands. Delivering salient, effective messages means the need for education digital signage is growing at a rapid pace. Digital signage for universities can be anything from small format screens that guide students to the correct facility to large format screens that inspire and educate passersby in halls and auditoriums. With the rise in digital technology and the fact that nearly every student carries a phone, tablet, or laptop with them at all times, digital signage in schools is the new way of communicating.


Leveraging a professional AV solution provider like PTG allows higher learning institutions to deploy professionally engineered projects. From lighting design to project management, a top-notch solutions provider can program and implement your institution’s digital signage project to the highest standards available.



College campuses are ground zero for the installation of campus digital signage, with these screen-based displays being vital to delivering media and content to the student body. Schools that implement digital signage have the potential to improve the student experience, inspire incoming educators, all while delivering an improved college brand experience.


Facilities with campus digital signage need the right provider in order to maintain and support their systems. At PTG, we ensure that your signage technology runs smoothly while we continuously apply upgrades and offer maintenance when issues arise with the system.


college campus


Technology in higher education gives you the ability to innovate and improve upon centuries of teaching methodologies. In the modern age, digital devices and laptops are not something to ban from classrooms – in fact, they’re the centerpieces of new forms of instruction with higher levels of return than paper and pencil.


While the digital age is dawning on society faster than most institutions can cope, the change doesn’t have to be a drastic one. Perceptive educators know the value of incremental change, but change can’t come without an investment in technology in higher education.



Colleges, universities, and the student bodies they’re tasked with educating have the critical responsibility of delivering curriculum in a safe environment. Students and educators at all stages of life must have secure campuses and classrooms to thrive and grow, and shaping the next generation of scientists, business leaders, and teachers will require instituting several technology-based improvements.


Campus security cameras can provide a layer of monitoring and protection to student bodies, helping security teams to spot trouble before there becomes a safety issue. However, surveillance on campus means more than just deploying cameras and personnel to monitor video feeds. An integrated campus security system is necessary to provide a robust security apparatus – one that can secure, detect, and respond to threats both inside and outside the institution.


CCTV features


Any institution, whether open to the public or a private facility, must have methods of mass communication. Delivering clear, timely messages via voice announcements is still one of the most effective methods for communicating quickly-changing information to the student body.


Many campus PA systems are simplistic, requiring manual operation to deliver timely communiques, and these are based on traditional technology and cannot compete with a modern school PA system. Educators looking to implement a state-of-the-art public address system can deploy advanced messaging systems that handles live, pre-recorded, and text to speech (TTS) voice operation. When paired with SMS messaging, today’s campus PA systems can function via multiple layers and over multiple mediums.


An investment in a total solution that can send messages to cell phones, email inboxes, and over the air, is one which can improve and out-innovate all other solutions before it.




Your campus is full of the most tech-savvy people on the planet – students. Their expectations for the latest classroom technology are high. From interactive SMART boards, to the most robust commercial displays for campus-wide messaging and content, let PTG guide you through the latest tech to keep your facilities top-ranked.


Once our team puts together a design and creative plan for your education institution, we offer a perfect combination of displays for wayfinding and general information, music systems, and interactive technology to guarantee everyone has the best experience possible.


We’ve been experts in the field for more than 30 years, and it’s our job to stay on top of the latest AV solutions and best practices for higher education. Our design expertise ensures you get what you want and what you need to meet the demands of today’s technology.