Sound system design and installation, as well as TV system installation, are not just for entertaining customers – they also go a long way to retain clients and enhance your gym’s reputation for both customers and employees.

You’ve likely already put serious thought into your business branding, but what about audio systems and TV systems? It’s never too late to invest in music branding. A professional sound system installation company like Promotion Technology Group (PTG) will set up your gym’s system and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.



A great TV audio system can help your gym beyond the obvious entertainment factor. Audio branding throughout the facility improves the atmosphere for working out, and boosts employee morale and productivity. An audio system also increases purchasing and customer dwell time and likelihood to return.

However, to achieve these results, you need the services of a professional sound system outfit to determine the ideal branding for your gym. An installation company like PTG helps you do more than just entertain your customers and employees.


With a fitness entertainment sound system, you can have audio and video features distributed throughout your gym. How does this work, you ask? The right TV audio system specialist can install a fitness sound system and correlated TV audio system setup everywhere in your gym.

Once the system installation is completed, you’ll be equipped to access and customize your system from the comfort of a smartphone, touchscreen panel, or tablet application. With the single touch of a button, you can pick what content to play throughout your gym.

A sound specialist can set up a proper sound system into specified zones, so when you play music throughout your fitness center, clients working out in individual workout spaces can hear separate streams. Finding the correct volume in each distinct area of your gym is critical, as you may want a little more volume in your free weights area and less in rooms dedicated to yoga, for example.



If you’re questioning whether a fitness sound system is worth the investment, consider this. Music can instantly affect exercise motivation, especially when it comes to the weight room sound system. By playing upbeat music, you can promote a positive, motivating client experience.

Let a sound system expert help you design your next fitness sound system. PTG’s expertise in professional audio products, combined with years of experience in the fitness industry, we’ll customize a flawless system in your gym, group exercise needs, and budget.



Looking for the right instructor audio system for your center? Our fitness audio equipment comes with features perfect for dance exercise and CrossFit music, as well as light background music and audio tailored for instructors of yoga and the like.

You’ll also get rugged fitness instructor microphones that are constructed with hydrophobic materials, making them the right choice for long-lasting performance in your centers. PTG’s audio equipment is engineered ready to go right out of the box, or as a starting point for a more advanced solution for your specific needs and budget.

Our outdoor, indoor, and aquatic music and voice sound systems are built for:

  • Fitness centers
  • Exercise facilities
  • Weight rooms
  • Aerobics classes
  • Indoor cycling spinning rooms
  • Military PT
  • CrossFit boxes
  • Aqua-aerobics
  • And so much more!

Picture of a gym audio mixer that promotion technology group uses


Gym television systems are the best way to capture your client’s attention and entertain them while reinforcing your brand to their subconscious. At PTG, our designers, engineers, creatives, and installers have professional backgrounds and will research and implement what gym television will work best for your gym.



When looking for a trustworthy TV installation service, you’ll need help you with mass installation and purchasing LCD TVs. At any given time, a provider like PTG can offer hundreds of TVs, including installation service for CRT and LCD sets.

Chances are we have something that meets your needs! Looking for a small number of sets until your upgrade date approaches? We can handle that too.



As a gym, most of your clients are likely millennials with different purchasing patterns than those of older generations. Unlike Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, Millennials were introduced to technology during their formative years, growing up with the Internet and relying on it to make all kinds of purchasing decisions. Today’s young adults prefer to spend on experiences like system design.

What better way to stand out from your competition than by complementing your gym services with a well-thought-out TV audio system design that warms the hearts of clients and employees?



With a video and audio system installation distribution method, you can improve the client experience in your fitness center. Not only will you be able to show content that boosts workout activity, but you can instantly can change the channel on any TV to a client’s preference, just by pushing a button within your control system. By offering clients the ability to customize their experience at your gym, the more likely they’ll enjoy being at your facility, and may even talk about your brand with friends or online.

The uses of audio and video system installation doesn’t end at playing music or displaying the latest news. For example, while a spinning class gets a devoted listening experience, you can also use video distribution to easily showcase the instructor on a large TV, so everyone can follow along.


Gym interior with video screens


To provide a positive workout atmosphere and engage guests, your fitness center requires state of the art audio and TV systems. PTG’s design expertise ensures you get a customized entertainment audio and video system suited to your gym needs. Each AV project requires a fresh approach, meticulous project management, and industry-compliant engineering.

We’ve been experts in the field for more than 30 years, and it’s our job to stay on top of the latest AV technology and best practices for gyms like yours. We research and push for ongoing improvements.

Inspiring playlists from crisp, integrated speakers. Commercial-grade screens for news junkies on treadmills. Ready for an engaging workout? We’re the trainer for you.