Restaurant competition is fiercer than ever, and consumer preferences are changing. Customers want more than just great food and service – they want an experience, and technology has the potential to create that experience to increase sales and profits.

One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to give your restaurant a modernizing facelift and add a new dimension to customer experience is adding digital menu boards. Traditional, static menu boards of the past may convey the message that your location is out of date and behind the times. Digital menu boards, on the other hand, create a modern look and have several additional advantages for your business.

Whether you’re considering digital display technology for the inside or outside of your business, be sure to partner with someone who has the knowledge and experience needed to handle your project from start to finish. From innovative designs to professional installation, Promotion Technology Group (PTG) will work with you to help you achieve your digital goals.         

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Once you make the switch to a digital menu board, you may wonder how your restaurant ever survived without it. First, customers are coming to expect the same technology that fills their homes, workplaces, and entertainment venues to be a part of their dining experience. Digital menu boards allow you to bring dynamic, interactive technology into your restaurant to create the experience your customers seek with powerful first impressions designed to draw guests in the door.

Going digital can save you time and money. No longer will changes to the menu require an investment in printing or time spent on replacing traditional lettering. Digital changes can be made nearly instantly. Switching from breakfast to lunch menus can be done instantaneously, specials can be easily highlighted, and seasonal items can be added and removed as needed. All of this can happen on an internal or external menu board, or both at the same time.



From the moment a customer walks into your restaurant, you want them to engage with you. The color and movement of an indoor digital menu board can instantly draw their attention to what you want them to see. Their eyes will immediately be drawn to the signage and they’ll begin with a digital experience of your brand and messaging. Instead of just lists and prices, patrons can see images of food so lifelike that they’ll become hungry just standing in line.

Your restaurant's success can also be a liability, believe it or not. Long lines can drive customers away, but with creative digital menu board usage, you can design an experience to keep people engaged and entertained while in line. Displays can be programmed to feature different offerings, show trivia games, and even feature videos that promote your restaurant. Digital menu benefits are only limited by your imagination, and PTG can help the possibilities become a reality.



Outdoor digital menu boards can have as much or more of an impact on your business as the boards inside. For restaurants with drive-in, drive-up, or walk-up service, there are many advantages for outdoor usage. The most obvious digital menu benefits are the same as inside the store. Instead of people pulling up to a dull, lifeless list of menu items, they get an engaging experience. Just like inside, their eyes will be drawn to messaging, images of food designed to make stomachs rumble, and entertainment to make the wait feel shorter than it is.

There are also some unique advantages for outdoor use. First, the digital menu board usage and content can be easily customized for the outdoor ordering experience. Extensive lists of menu items can be overwhelming for patrons in their car that may be in a hurry. Creative design can make it easier and faster for them to find what they’re looking for, also mitigating any order confusion when ordering outside with built-in confirmation screens.

Outdoor digital menu board usage is not only for restaurants with drive-in, drive-up, or walk-up services. Even establishments that only have indoor service can benefit from outdoor digital menu boards. If your business is in a busy area, your board can display features and menu items to passersby. People interested in dining with you can check out your offerings without ever stepping inside or getting out of their vehicle.

Have a busy night with a line out the door? Keep customers engaged and entertained with digital content that goes beyond the menu items. Your outdoor digital menu board can even continue working while you’re closed, promoting your business 24 hours a day with content specially programmed to encourage people to come back when you’re open for business.



For an even higher level of customer engagement, consider interactive menu boards. These include all the benefits of regular digital menu boards while adding an interactive element. For restaurants with extensive menus, customers can narrow down their options and find what they’re looking for with just a touch of the finger. These interactive boards can even create dynamic content in response to customer input. The display can recommend add-ons for combo packages based on selections and let patrons know about exclusive deals and offers. For restaurants who want to speed up the ordering process, an interactive menu board allows customers to place and pay for their order right from the screen and skip the line.

Menu board design is critical to taking advantage of all the possibilities of this interactive technology. At PTG, we recognize the complexities of modern systems and can help you design the right one for your goals and needs. Creating an engaging digital menu board system is about more than just installing some screens and software.

Menu board integration is one of the easiest areas to overlook if you approach it alone or choose an installer without the right experience. We understand the importance of ensuring that your digital menu board system is integrated with the rest of your business. Whether you need your signage to connect with inventory, or your menu management system to remove out-of-stock items and reflect price changes, or your scheduling system to ensure that the right menu is showing at the proper time, we help ensure it all works together seamlessly.



The restaurant business is about more than just your food and service, and you need every edge possible to keep customers coming back. Digital menu boards can help you create the restaurant customer experience you need for continued success.

At PTG, we’ve been experts in the field for more than 30 years, and it’s our job to stay on top of the latest AV technology and best practices for restaurant installation.

When it comes to digital menu boards, we’re ready to serve. Whether indoor or outdoor, your digital menu boards will be installed following the latest technical protocols and undergo rigorous inspections to ensure years of use. Order up!