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200 x 200_FootLocker_200x200
200 x 200_Subway_200x200
200 x 200_Chilis_200x200
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Under pressure. Tough deadlines. Lots of people working in the space at once to get the doors open on time. PTG navigated the challenges and completed their scope professionally so we could get final touches in place for opening American Eagle stores throughout the United States and Canada. Job well done.

american eagle_300w

John Morabito

Construction Manager, American Eagle

PTG has designed the perfect customer experience video wall for us. It is intuitive, easy to use and state of the art! I couldn't be happier with its performance and our customers’ excitement about it. Thanks for a job well done.


Kim A. Patterson

General Manager of Plano TX, Mercedes Benz

I have worked with Lynn Matson and the PTG group on and off since 1995. The most innovative was during my time at Guess? Inc., as the Vice President of Retail Development. The team at PTG always strives to ensure the best performance of sound quality, latest in technology and installation is provided by their team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PTG to anyone in need of AV technology big or small.

Guess_400 x 250

Allen Kieffer

VP of Retail Development, Guess? Inc.

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Jasons Deli Logo
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200 x 200_Bosch_200x200
200 x 200_BBY_200x200
200 x 200_Pie5_200x200
200 x 200_Bushnell_200x200
200 x 200_ihop_200x200
200 x 200_Fridays_200x200
200 x 200_Anheuser_200x200
200 x 200_PFChangs_200x200
200 x 200_Hudson_200x200
200 x 200_AMEagle_200x200
200 x 200_Heineken_200x200
200 x 200_Staples_200x200
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