Technology is changing every day, and so are consumer preferences. When your organization is ready to invest in audio visual (AV) technology, you need a partner you can trust to walk alongside you like Promotion Technology Group. PTG has the knowledge and experience to help you leverage technology that communicates, entertains, educates, informs, and sells.

With so many "do-it-yourself" options flooding the market, it can be tempting to go it alone in researching, purchasing, and implementing the perfect audio visual technology solution. It might seem like a good idea to ask your IT department to tackle the project, but without a partner with audio visual experience, you may end up spending money on hardware that doesn't provide a solution for your needs. You need the experience and know-how to help you complete your project right the first time.



With the rapid acceleration of technological advancement, corporate spaces are expected to provide more than just desks, tables, and chairs. Our offices, conference rooms, and flexible spaces must now reflect the new age of work where presentations are digital, and meetings are often virtual. These spaces must also reflect the heightened need for security and the technological solutions that can make it happen.

Setting up a conference room was once as simple as selecting the right table and chairs. Now, the rooms require state of the art audio visual systems, becoming the canvas for digital presentations and the conduit for video conferencing. Today, participants in multiple locations can gather around the same presentation with seamless conferencing integration. However, these systems also have the potential to be a source of constant frustration if they’re not sourced, installed, and integrated correctly.

You can trust Promotion Technology Group (PTG) with your conference room AV installation. We have experts with years of experience in selecting the right equipment for your corporation's conference room audio visual needs. Our technicians also work with the best installers and programmers to ensure that your system works seamlessly and effortlessly.

Furthermore, video surveillance is now a necessity to keep your corporation's facilities secure, and we know closed-circuit TV systems. Our experts can evaluate your space and design a system to keep tabs of your property, inside and out. Your video surveillance company should take the stress and worry out of your CCTV system and give you the confidence that your facilities are being monitored 24 hours a day.


You might think little of audio unless you have trouble hearing it or if the sound is distorted. A professional corporate audio installation will exceed your expectations. You won't need to think about audio because it will sound great every time.

Consumer expectations of audio grow greater every day. People expect clear sound that’s easy to listen to. Whether it’s for a public address (PA) system, site-wide music and white noise, phone audio, or anything with sound, PTG can help you cut through the technical clutter to design and install a system that performs to your specifications.



PA systems are all about clarity. It may seem simple to hang a couple of speakers throughout a building, but a professional PA system installation begins with an acoustic analysis to determine the exact needs of the space. The process continues with selecting and installing the right speakers, amplifiers, and accessories.



Background music, when done correctly, can be a powerful addition to your corporate space, setting the tone in a manner that aligns with your branding and image. If not handled well, it can become more of a nuisance and distraction.

Your background music, overheard music, or white noise system should perfectly align with your goals and corporate culture. From installing equipment to finding the right music, PTG will help you get it right.



Despite all the advances in technology, corporate telephone systems remain one of the most critical communications tools at our disposal. If you need a recorded call system to maintain an archive of your call history, you’ll want help designing an office phone recording system to work to your specifications.

Need assistance finding the best on-hold audio system for your business? PTG can help you with everything from designing the right system to finding the right message to share with your customers.




Video is quickly becoming the favored medium for communicating both internally within the organization and externally with clients and customers. With the right video conferencing system or teleconferencing system, you can stay connected to your staff, vendors, and customers, no matter where they are.

The perfect system works simply and flawlessly, but behind that simplicity is a complex system of hardware and software. Choosing the right components and properly integrating them is critical to creating a system that will work for your business.



When it’s time to install a new AV system in your corporate conference room, don't leave it to chance. A poor installation can lead to poor performance, an unprofessional look, and even system failure. Count on an expert like PTG for your conference room AV installation and get the same level of professionalism our clients have come to expect across all aspects of our audio visual services.



Don't know where to start with a new conference room audio visual system? Trained experts will help you from the very first step, assessing your space and reviewing all the options. PTG can provide you with a corporate conference room AV design that reflects your needs with years of service.




The security of your corporation should be one of your highest priorities. However, it should also be something that you don't need to think about. The right business security system should be operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, protecting your business without requiring a second thought.

Whether you need the assistance of a video surveillance company to protect your property, a video security system to provide around-the-clock visual monitoring, or security access to oversee the flow of people in and out of your buildings, a security professional can help. PTG's business security services for corporations utilize the latest in technology combined with years of experience. We can design a system to keep your business secure.



If your corporation is ready to take controlled access to the enterprise level, you should source the latest tech and systems available. Whether you want to design a system using access control cards, corporate card access, or a check-in tablet, PTG offers complete enterprise secure access services. Our engineers and technicians can help at every phase of the project, including design, installation, and training.




When you need enterprise video surveillance, work with a partner who has experience with the latest technology and the highest level of corporate systems. Video surveillance is about more than just cameras – it’s about understanding the corporation's needs, space, and most important concerns. PTG’s security experts will handle every aspect of the project from start to finish.




Your corporate building and conference rooms require state of the art audio visual systems, and PTG’s design expertise ensures you get what you want and what you need. Each AV project requires a fresh approach, meticulous project management, and industry-compliant engineering.

We’ve been experts in the field for more than 30 years, and it’s our job to stay on top of the latest AV technology and corporate best practices. We research and push for ongoing improvements.

From building-wide conference and display systems, to a boardroom ready to tackle international teleconferencing and sales presentations, let our design and engineering team show you what’s possible. Nobody does corporate systems like PTG.