CLIENT: Title Boxing Club


SCOPE: Speakers, Amplifiers, Microphones, Mixers, Displays, Music Source and On-Screen Content and Service.

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Digital signage is a way for physical retail locations to engage shoppers in their own buyer’s journey without the help of an actual employee.  This allows brick-and-mortar businesses to keep pace with the advantages online stores enjoy for engaging customers while offering a number of unique advantages, too.



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In the boutique fitness industry, the ultimate fitness product is more than a few extra sit-ups. Of course, the location, amenities and people are important, but it's also more. It's about the ownable experience, delivered consistently. What keeps the distracted and time-pressed client of such a business coming back day after day to hammer away those extra calories and inches? Engaging workout experiences that motivate and deliver results. 

But what if the objective is to create that experience consistently in the fastest growing boutique fitness franchise in the world, year over year? The franchisor must be laser focused on standards and execution, it has to have incredibly high expectations of everyone that contributes to the product, and it has to have partners and employees that 'get' the vision and have a passion to keep raising the bar.


PTG has been the exclusive provider of sound and video systems to Title Boxing since the beginning of the brand's explosive location growth. The first club locations being just down the road from PTG's offices in Wixom, Michigan, PTG was there early — experimenting and consulting on a technology package that could deliver the hard-hitting A/V experience at a price and a pace that could be standardized for the franchisees.

As TBC refined and matured the experience it was creating, PTG adapted technology along the way to match the new experience demands.


Today PTG provides all the audio systems which are the heartbeat of the experience. The signature solution has evolved and improved year over year to increase the impact of the sound experience, incorporating gear from Harman, Crown, JBL, Bose, Shure, EV and more. Each revision based on usability and performance feedback from club owners, trainers and the franchisor. 

PTG also installs the LG display screens which display the all-important Title Timer...ticking away the minutes, round after round, of the unique workout. The content is delivered with one-button control from bulletproof BrightSign hardware, and the content itself developed, designed, animated and programmed by PTG based on TBC guidelines and input.


After 5 years and close to 200 locations, PTG continues to keep pace and deliver signature technology solutions for one of the fastest growing franchises ever. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself! Try a workout at YOUR Title Boxing Club.  Driven by the pound-for-pound hardest hitting A/V experience, it might be just the thing to keep you coming back. In fact, it's their mission to make it the best hour of your day.

Ready to have a pro in your corner? Let's talk about what signature experiences we can build for your brand.


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