CLIENT: Sodexo

LOCATIONS: Approximately 500

SCOPE: Digital Menu Boards, Content Creation & Management, Software Training, Network Management of over 1800 screens with 1100 users.

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Digital signage is a way for physical retail locations to engage shoppers in their own buyer’s journey without the help of an actual employee.  This allows brick-and-mortar businesses to keep pace with the advantages online stores enjoy for engaging customers while offering a number of unique advantages, too.



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In 2008, global food-service provider, Sodexo, was feeling the pressure to spice up their digital displays. Among their many operations, they have thousands of sites throughout the United States including universities, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings and a variety of business locations. At the time, many sites had come up with their own approach to branding, which affected everything they did, from logos to pricing. Things were looking a bit inconsistent.

Sodexo needed a unified digital signage solution to bring their branding together while still offering enough customization to accommodate the unique needs of their different segments.



To begin, we conducted site surveys for every Sodexo location. This meant assessing the physical features of each site to make sure we understood where our technology would make the biggest impact.

Then, we interviewed the managers of these sites. Their firsthand experience gave us the insights we needed to customize our deployment, so every screen would be as effective as possible.

Finally, we carried out specialized training so all of Sodexo’s employees would feel comfortable operating this new technology. In total, we deployed 3,000 screens – including in the U.S. House of Representatives.



Our focus on providing Sodexo with solutions that are as unique as each of their segments and sites has continued over the years. Among other things, this includes connecting with their representatives through weekly calls. We also conduct biannual webinars for unit representatives, so we can share success stories that show what’s working across different verticals.

By creating an online portal just for Sodexo, we’ve allowed their unit managers to order more hardware as necessary. The portal even provides a questionnaire to help them better understand what’s included in their ideal solution and what their options are.



Today, PTG manages a library of 76,000 media assets on 2100 unique playlists across the chain. We are responsible for all new layouts and designs, as well as management and reporting on the over 1800 devices on the network.

Sodexo has built a reputation based on delivering superior customer service and quality. We believe our role in providing excellent digital signage technologies quietly adds to their already stellar brand. Check out their work, right here – Visit Sodexo


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