CLIENT: Jason's Deli (Deli Management)

LOCATIONS235 locations

SCOPE: Video Walls, Digital Menu Boards, Store Music Systems, DirecTV

Jason's Deli (Deli Management)

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For some time, video murals (2×2 video walls) have been an important component of the marketing strategy for Jason’s Deli, who uses their marketing team to create fresh content for the system. After installing video murals at a handful of locations with another vendor, Jason’s Deli turned to PTG to standardize their AV solutions. This included video mural hardware, content management system (CMS), and installation process, ultimately saving money and allowing for a greater AV package for their restaurants. PTG completed the solution with digital menu boards, Bose speakers and dining room screens for limited time offers and DirecTV, helping the brand to trend away from static messaging for a lively customer engagement strategy.

Director of Marketing Brandy Butler explains, “having digital menu boards and video murals allows us to pivot very quickly for pricing, menu items, and seasonal changes—and tell our brand story in a dynamic way.”



Jason’s Deli was looking for flexibility.

While printing and distributing 250,000 physical menu boards with a two-month lead time, both costs and time were adding up. Now, digital menu boards have allowed Jason’s Deli to be able to quickly make changes to digital menu boards, video murals, and dining room screens.

The history and story of Jason’s Deli is a central part of their brand. Started in 1976 in Beaumont, TX, as a family-owned deli, the brand has grown to 270 locations across 28 states. Brandy Butler says, “we think we have a unique story to tell and one that we are very proud of; we wanted a dynamic way to tell our story. Not only did we want to tell our history, but we wanted to talk to our customers in real time with dynamic messaging.” The quality of their menu items, the lack of preservatives, trans fats, high fructose corn syrups, artificial dyes, and artificial colors is a central part of their messaging. Butler says, “we want to let people know who we are, and why we care and what we care about.”

Using BrightSign CMS on these video murals allows Jason’s Deli to update, mix-and-match, and change the messaging, as well as telling local/regional stories and providing real time updates on safety procedures, which has been helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. They can include specific offers for nonprofits and schools in their CPP program through these localized content strategies.

“Working with Jamie and the team made the process easy. Jamie was not only very responsive but so helpful in coming up with solutions for things we were trying to solve,” says Butler.

The implementation of the digital murals showed us we could be more dynamic and nimble with the information we share with our customers. With digital menu boards, not only could we save money on printing and shipping each quarter, but we'd also be able to make quick content updates on menu items as needs change throughout the year, not just quarter by quarter.
—Blake Parker, Chief Innovation Officer



While refining the process of video mural installation with Jason’s Deli, PTG determined that they had long relied on a system without a cohesive AV design.

PTG’s systems engineers proceeded to design robust AV solutions—including CAD drawings and comprehensive system solutions—to meet Jason’s Deli’s needs and save them money. BrightSign hardware and CMS was chosen based on an evaluation of the brand’s system requirements.

A few Jason’s Deli locations acted as pilot sites so that the process could be further adapted and refined. PTG was also asked to set up two test sites with digital menu boards for Jason’s Deli marketing to test content in. Locations at Grand Prairie, TX, and Fort Worth, TX, acted as pilot sites for roughly 9 months for the marketing team.



Jason’s Deli’s 9 month test proved an 18-24 month ROI on the digital menu board rollout. They pulled the trigger to rollout the digital menu board system just after reopening from the Covid-19 shutdown.

Ready to see for yourself? Check out a Jason's Deli near you.


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