CLIENT: Cotton Patch Café

LOCATIONS30 locations, existing and brand-new – PTG and Cotton Patch Café are creating a Chicken Fried Nation.

SCOPEDigital Menu Boards, Store Music Systems, Content Creation & Management

Cotton Patch Cafe

  • Cotton Patch 9
  • Cotton Patch 11
  • Cotton Patch 7
  • Cotton Patch 12
  • Cotton Patch 1
  • Cotton Patch 2
  • Cotton Patch 6



Nacogdoches, Texas-born Cotton Patch Café has been serving up home-style comfort food for just over three decades. As the chain has grown across communities in Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, they’ve remained consistent in delivering a welcoming dining experience to their guests. They recognized some of their AV gear was no longer meeting their needs; enter PTG.



Starting in January 2017, PTG began a systematic evaluation of several existing Cotton Patch locations. Our audit found key customer experience gear in need of upgrading: TVs, low-voltage cabling for CCTV and POS, as well as audio systems. 

We also synched up with new location construction so that grand-opening Cotton Patch Cafés featured the latest AV equipment, too.



Seamless replacement plans for existing locations. Flawless installation in new Cafés. These are two, very distinct tasks, but we’re PTG – complex projects are our bread and butter. (Or, in this case, our chicken and dumplings.)



Projects done the PTG way mean our client’s customers see what they’re supposed to see, hear what they’re supposed to hear and feel great along the way. Cotton Patch Cafés are homey, welcoming and all about the food. Seamless AV integration from PTG helps make sure they stay that way.

Ready to see for yourself? Check out a Cotton Patch Café near you.


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