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After years of echoey conference calls and time wasted trying to project files, you’ve decided to update your conference room technology. The cost of maintaining legacy systems is growing, plus you’re confident you’ll recoup your investment through more efficient meetings and better first impressions with prospective clients.
It’s a great plan, but will employees get on board with the new tools?
Associates may not embrace the new technology in your meeting rooms if they are uncertain of its advantages or how best to use it. With an eye on ROI, here are three steps for ensuring your conference room technology gets more “likes” than a dancing-cat video.


Employee buy-in begins with the design of your meeting room technology. Start with a clear vision for how you’ll use the space. A small room may be limited to audio calls, while a larger space might accommodate video meetings. A conference center would need presentation and audio support suitable for a large audience.
“Redesigning your conference space is a delicate dance of functionality and usability,” says Eric Haney, system engineer at PTG, who has helped thousands of clients design perfect solutions for their offices. “Start with the minimal amount of equipment and programming needed to accomplish your goals for the space, and plan an upgrade path from there.”
Create a super-simple system to make life easier for everyone. Intuitive master devices, for example, give staff one-touch control over phone, web and presentation connectivity. Benefits include less hassle to get everyone connected, plus a consistent user experience from room to room – important for increasing staff confidence.


The old adage about first impressions applies here, too. It’s important to start your team off on the right foot with unfamiliar conferencing tools.
“A negative first experience can make people lose confidence in new technology,” says Eric. “And that fear can quickly spread throughout the organization.”
Even something as simple as a touchscreen device may take some adjustment. Your deployment plan should include:
  • Building a little hype with preview messaging. Most employees are probably ready for an easier meeting experience. Play up this investment in their productivity – and decreased stress! – with a few “coming attractions” announcements.
  • Hosting “open house” demonstrations where employees can experience the new technology in a stress-free environment. Demo a presentation or conference call. Show them how easy it is to connect, and how to get quick answers when they have a question.
  • Providing simple tutorials – especially for tasks staff may not use frequently. Cheat-sheets are good, but short videos are better. It’s reassuring to know that a how-to guide is easily accessible via smartphone – no running back to the office or calling for help.


Glitches happen. Modern conference room technology is designed for simplicity, but complications do arise.
Simple, at-a-glance documents are best for troubleshooting connectivity challenges. Eric’s advice? “A one-page graphic is far more effective than a 600-page manual.”
For more complex issues, appoint an onsite expert who is trained on all of your conferencing components, including WiFi and security protocols. Key for this role is to schedule prep time at least an hour before high-profile events for a tech-check.
Meetings may never become the highlight of your day, but they can be less stressful. Start with a tailored technology plan that is easy for everyone to use successfully. Incorporate resources to help employees gain confidence with new tools, and have their backs when questions arise. Then sit back and let the kudos roll in. Good job, you!

We’re ready to help you plan an employee-friendly upgrade for your conference rooms. Contact us to learn more about audio-visual solutions and Crestron equipment offered by PTG.

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