The Power of Perception During COVID-19

Sep 3, 2020 5:51:15 PM

Sanitizer in lobby

Do perceptions matter in your COVID response?  You bet they do.  Over the last five months, COVID-19 has forced the restaurant and retail industries into action and has left many scrambling to seek out the newest innovations to keep their staff and customers safe.   

COVID-19 has hijacked the in-store shopping experience, forcing customers to engage virtually, in the privacy of their living room. This can have a significant negative impact on the brand, consumer experience, and the bottom line. Lucky for businesses, it doesn’t have to be this way — not if your customers feel safe shopping at your location.   

Customers have proven that they will be willing to drive a little further or go out of their way to shop at a location that has the strongest sanitization protocol.  Businesses have a unique opportunity to engage new customers, many of whom will become loyal to new brands. There is also an opportunity to translate these new customers into long-term customers. 

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But having safety protocols in place is just half the battle — there is now a ‘COVID-19 Psychology’ to address — and it is equally important to effectively communicate what safety measures your business is taking and to show customers your establishment is a safe place to do business. 

  • If you have increased your cleaning protocol to a more frequent/rigorous program, let your customers know.  
  • If product-stocked shelves are being sanitized multiple times a day, find a way to get this information in front of your consumers.    
  • If employees have received professional sanitization and client interaction training concerning COVID-19, disseminate this information.   

These steps, among others, could be a key differentiator for your business, and it shows you are willing to take the extra steps to ensure a safe experience and that you are willing to put your customers first. 

Sound overwhelming? It’s easier than you think. 

Hand sanitizing digital kiosks are the next logical step for keeping your customers safe. From killing bacteria to being able to reach your audience with targeted messages, sanitization signage offers organizations an all-in-one solution for getting your messages in front of consumers.

Upon entering your establishment, a customer can be greeted by a hand sanitizing kiosk with a custom content display. These displays can be programmed to run a 10 second, in-store service announcement, depicting one (or more) of the initiatives underway to keep the location safe.  As the customer travels throughout the store, additional kiosks (with varying messages) are visible, showing additional measures underway to support a healthy shopping experience. 

Keeping your consumers safe, while communicating protocol and safety measures, has never been easier. 

You now have the opportunity to radically improve the retail experience by addressing the questions and concerns of shoppers before they even ask. Digital signage can communicate important messages to customers in your store in ways that are sure to grab their attention.   

To unlock the true potential, let PTG help you to understand how digital signage works and how to create an integrated system to meet safety goals. PTG can mobilize nationally to get these solutions working at your door, welcoming back your customers and safely getting you (and your bottom line) back on track. 

Bill Fons

Written by Bill Fons

Bill is the Executive Vice President of PTG. He runs the day to day business and operations of PTG across both Michigan and Texas offices. He believes passionately that "the art of the possible" lies at the core of everything we do, bringing a WOW experience to PTG customers.

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