Coronavirus: Returning to Work Soon? Read This Before Powering Up Your AV Equipment.

May 1, 2020 5:33:41 PM

Dirty rack

Routine maintenance of your technology hardware should occur on a scheduled basis based on normal operation. If you're like most companies, your business has been anything but normal lately. If your business has been shut down for any more than a few weeks, chances are your technology components have been sitting idle without regular power cycles that would otherwise help keep the hardware safe.

Consider that heat and dust are two main factors that damage AV hardware. Dust accumulation can clog ventilation areas and create excessive heat. Dust can also short circuit components and damage hardware. Under normal operation dust particles don't have much of a chance to accumulate as internal fans that cool the hardware blow away any dust particles daily. Powering up a system that has been sitting idle could cause damage to it, regardless of how new or expensive the system is.

So what now? In most cases, there are only a few steps you need to take prior to hitting the power button. Those steps are clearly laid out in the operation and service manuals from your AV equipment. Follow those steps and you should be in good shape.

Need help? Simply contact PTG support and we will schedule a preventative maintenance visit to get you up and running safely.


Bill Fons

Written by Bill Fons

Bill is the Executive Vice President of PTG. He runs the day to day business and operations of PTG across both Michigan and Texas offices. He believes passionately that "the art of the possible" lies at the core of everything we do, bringing a WOW experience to PTG customers.

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