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Many retail businesses have enthusiastically embraced online technology while taking a more cautious approach to in-house solutions such as digital signage and interactive kiosks. If you’re on the fence about whether your company can afford it—or even needs it—here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by installing interactive technology like digital wayfinding tools in your retail space.


Who hasn’t walked into a building, mall, or store and felt confused about where to go? Or felt stupefied by a “You Are Here” map that gave no clue which direction was up, down, or sideways?
Digital wayfinding directs people in the right direction to find what they need, minimizing frustration and delivering a seamless customer journey in more ways than one. On top of ending directional confusion, benefits include:
  1. Buying is easier. Digital wayfinding systems can be programmed with marketing messages promoting special promotions and new items. They can even distribute product samples.

  2. Customers relax and are put instantly at ease. First impressions are as important as ever and digital kiosks offer customization features that let you tailor messages to targeted needs.

  3. High brand awareness is assured as well-positioned kiosks are easy to spot and convenient for adding eye-catching logos and images.
Interactive kiosks offer another valuable service that helps your business: data gathering. You can easily monitor and track what products and services are searched for most often, which content works best, and how long customers spend interacting with the kiosk.



Digital wayfinding is reinventing the customer experience, making interactions easy and memorable. Wayfinding is no longer static signage but a powerful digital touchpoint that engages customers and offers exciting information sharing.

Your brand and business can benefit from interactive kiosks for many of the same reasons your customers do. From queue management to interactive directions and timelines, digital signage can be just the solution you need for a more enjoyable experience all around. To learn more about digital wayfinding and interactive kiosks, contact PTG today.


Katelyn Kazanowski

Written by Katelyn Kazanowski

Katelyn is a top salesperson with the company, having been involved with large scale commercial technology projects of every nature for several years. Katelyn has a ton of knowledge and experience to share about the business, is a prolific user of exclamation points, and is an earnest believer that great engagement goals drive great execution in this business.

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