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Post Pandemic Safety Measures

The recent surge in COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and unfortunately deaths have forced businesses across the United States to reassess and, in many cases, pause their reopening strategies. Fear, misunderstanding, ignorance, and the lack of a trusted ‘single-point of truth’ has amplified the challenges for businesses and shoppers alike. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the focus was on customer experience and how brick and mortar stores and businesses could remain relevant in an ‘Amazonian’ world. In a matter of weeks, when COVID-19 forced the closure of businesses and stay-at-home self-quarantine guidelines, customer experience was replaced by shopping—more like hunting—for essential items and hoarding. As we try to find a balance between reopening businesses and staying safe, the stakes have never been higher, as a very real consequence of COVID-19 is death. The importance of who, what, when, where, and how to reopen businesses and assure that each environment is clean, safe and secure for all who enter is paramount.

Businesses of all types including retail, restaurants, hospitality, travel, schools, universities, offices, and manufacturing must adapt, and leverage new innovative point-of-entry touch-free interactive technologies, as they reopen and slowly move forward to post-pandemic normal.




Retail COVID Safety Kiosk

Over the past six weeks, businesses of all sizes have either created, or are in the process of developing their own re-opening 'playbooks'. These playbooks provide operational procedures, checklists, and protocols for a wide variety of topics ranging from employee hygiene, social distancing policies and signage, occupancy limits, do-it-yourself acrylic sneeze guards, human resource policies, to restroom cleaning and sanitizing procedures and timetables. Many of these requirements and recommendations are based on information and guidelines being continually updated by the Center for Disease Control here.

Kroger has made its 59-page playbook available here. It is a great reference digest and offers some repeatable and strategic action items that are valid across the broader retail and business spectrum. McDonald’s has also sent their ‘Dining-in reopening playbook’ to their entire franchise community, the gravity and importance of the reopening process to their business, customers and employees is amplified by a single declarative sentence on page 5 of 60 pages. “We only get one chance to do this the right way.” Additionally, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce provides a resource here for safely reopening your business.


How can you reopen your business AND RE-ENGAGE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS THE RIGHT WAY


One of the best ways to ensure your business environment stays coronavirus free is to not let the virus into your location in the first place. Keeping your employees and guests safe, healthy, and ensuring your guests will unlikely spread the virus within your environment will be how you reopen your business—and stay open. According to the CDC, an elevated body temperature is one of the symptoms of the coronavirus and as such has become a testing requirement for essential workers and is expected to be a core requirement for reopening many types of businesses. According to the McDonald’s playbook, prior to every shift, each employee is required to have their temperature taken and answer ‘symptom survey’ questions related to their well-being and potential exposure to the coronavirus. One of the best ways to convey confidence, trust, and belay fears is to implement point-of-entry safety technologies designed and optimized to provide automated solutions to address these requirements. 

PTG, one of the premier experts in innovative commercial audio/video solutions, has introduced a line of point-of-entry safety technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of reopening your business. The Temperature Tower, for instance, provides non-touch temperature scanning with < 0.5°C (0.9°F) accuracy, third-party integration capabilities, and facial recognition features. Benefits of the Temperature Tower include:

  • Tangible proof that you are proactively monitoring and protecting your staff and guests.
  • Conveying trust and credibility
  • Manage accountability of your employees and guests
  • Optimize employee and public relations while mitigating public health and legal risks
  • Convey brand leadership and responsibility







Whether in your home or in life, we all want and have come to expect, personal safety, health and well-being and an overall experience defined by quality. Proactively implementing point-of-entry safety technologies not only mitigates risk, but it belays fears and conveys trust to your customers and staff—both are vital to successfully reopening your business and keeping it open. Investing in these technologies today will expedite your return to viability tomorrow and for years to come.

Learn more about leveraging the full potential of point-of-entry solutions, developing an understanding of what it is, how it works, and solutions that are offered here.


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