Post Pandemic Content Planning for Customer Connections

Jul 23, 2021 3:00:00 PM

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One of the biggest challenges for retailers in making their digital signage systems translate to higher traffic and sales with digital signage is the lack of a true content plan. Your digital signage isn’t like a streaming service where content can be thematically all over the place and still reach enough people. It’s important that you understand why planning and execution of your content matters. You need a cohesive and comprehensive yearly and monthly content plan that will enable:

  • Advance content preparation
  • Scheduling of key seasonal dates from holiday periods to annual sales promotions and messages
  • Communicating the right message at the right time

Digital signage systems and content planning should work together to support customer engagement and CX with your brand on a deeper level. As we discussed in Part One of this blog, that can be done through QR code offers activated via mobile phones, eCommerce, and targeted content integration. 

This can also be about applying broad content types. Everything from videos with dynamic audio and music to interactive contests and dynamic messaging that promotes products, brand, and lifestyle integration. There are even cost-effective ways to create content that responds to customers individually, which we discussed in our Digital Signage Trends Blog.

In-store retailers using digital signage displays can miss the return on investment (ROI) and return on application (ROA) they seek from their retail digital signage investments. The reasons often include poor content personalization, planning, consistent execution, and display placement. This requires support from skilled integration partners over the long term and beyond the sale.


Supporting Content Planning with a Digital Signage Partner

Not all digital signage providers can deliver a long-term partnership that takes changing and holistic digital signage retail needs into consideration. The right integration partner like PTG works collaboratively with your retail marketing/merchandising teams and IT project manager. 

This ensures all these elements are part of a perpetually operating system approach. It also helps you avoid the trap of relying on salespeople and/or IT alone to develop, update, and implement content without a plan.

We can help you by consulting on how to take known weekly, monthly, and yearly events into consideration and fill in the intervening content changes based on inventory, sales, and omnichannel promotions. The goal is to:

  • Create a content calendar tied to specific content approaches and objectives
  • Identify and build a content catalog
  • Integrate the content into a simple computer-based content management system
  • Identify and train display leaders who can oversee simple training for rotating content teams to fulfill the content calendar and ensure that the right content with the right look is running at the right time in the right place.

Effective digital signage content requires taking the content burden off IT and marketing support through content planning. The goal should always be to develop a content strategy at the same time as a digital and audiovisual strategy rather than just implementing technology for tech’s sake. This becomes your foundation for successful post-pandemic retail navigation.

The Right Digital Signage Partner for System, CX, and Operational Optimization 

As a development, marketing, or IT manager, you’re considering your first investments in digital signage or improving them. Either way, you want to assure maximum ROA and ROI of current and future investments and increase brick and mortar traffic and sales during the post-pandemic age.

Not all digital signage providers can bring experiences from countless retail sectors and environments with differing needs. PTG can partner with your team to develop a comprehensive approach to choosing digital signage hardware.

We begin with understanding your goals, people, environment, and audience to determine your needs. That should begin with planning for the design, implementation, and management via content and digital signage placement strategies. This holistic approach makes sure the system and the strategy are agile. This ensures they can adapt to our new post-pandemic era of eCommerce omnichannel integrated with brick and mortar retail experiences.

No one knows how this era we call post-pandemic will develop and continue to affect the retail sector, but it’s unlikely to be as predictable as a Netflix limited series storyline. What we know is digital signage can be the long-term link that delivers agile, interactive customer experiences that meet whatever may come. To learn more about how PTG can be your ideal partner for your digital signage and customer experience journey, (visit, download, call follow the link).








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