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Jul 18, 2022 8:57:21 AM


The workforce is becoming more multi-generational by the day. As Gen Z enters the workforce at an expedited rate, Boomers are still very much still running many of the country's largest and most profitable organizations from the senior management level all the way to the c-suite.

Each generation brings a slightly different view of technology to the office, and companies have to account for each group's preferences. Technology itself doesn't favor one generation’s tech-savvy nature over another, but usability and accessibility must remain at the forefront of the discussion when finding the right av solution for you and your workforce. . We know that people of every age can be highly adept at technology. Yet, there are some very real preferences that different generations have and differing ways in which they have experienced technology during their lifetimes.

To provide some additional clarity, here is a recap of the generations currently in the workforce. 

  • Boomers (born: 1946–1964) came of age while computers took up entire rooms and were the first generation to own personal desktop computers.
  • GenX (born: 1965–1980) watched as technology exploded, right down to having tech related retail stores like Best Buy & Circuit City. During this time, digital and av technology significantly started to change the workplace.
  • Millennials (born: 1981–1996) are the first generation to join a tech-driven, online-first workplace and are more likely to use only a laptop, tablet, or smartphone at home.
  • Gen Z (born: 1997–2012) have lived most of their lives with the internet, social media, and smartphones; many are now entering the workplace and only know a work-from-home world, and must have the technology to support that. 

 As we design and implement av systems for companies in the post-pandemic world we have to consider how technology expectations and preferences of all of the these groups differ, but basic needs remain the same and make certain we are providing solutions that meet everyone's optimal working expectations. 

If you’re considering an av upgrade for your office here are some tips to ensure you consider the different relationships with technology between members of your team.

Always Include Your Team

The first step one should include a check-in with high-influence members of the team. Involve individuals from every age and functional group. Ask them about their:

  • Biggest technology pain points
  • Workflows, use cases, and unmet needs
  • Use of technology to drive priorities and achieve goals

Taking this human-first approach will benefit you beyond generational preferences. It allows you to identify the solutions best designed to help everyone adopt the technology and be more productive.

Tip #2: Choose a Consistent Interface

When implementing an AV solution for collaboration, look for options with a consistent interface. This way, employees aren't forced to learn how to use multiple platforms – it’s consistent from space to space and from meeting to meeting.

In addition, look for simplicity for an improved user experience. We’re now in a click-to-join world, and anything more complicated wastes time and adds unnecessary frustration to what should be a seamless experience.

Tip #3: Lead with Benefits

When announcing a new solution, be sure to heavily focus your communication efforts on the benefits. This ties back to your input gathering. And it motivates people to get beyond the initial learning curve and start using the new tech to achieve their goals.

Tip #4: Offer Training/Support in a Variety of Ways

While some of your team will dive right in and figure things out, other people may prefer a job aid or coaching of some kind. So when possible, offer a variety of training or support options when you implement new technology solutions.

Think about the five most common use cases and start there. Then, regularly remind people about the tools you have available. Want to overachieve? Commit to building a workplace culture where nobody feels penalized or awkward about not knowing how to use new tech. Make it acceptable to ask for help or get paired with someone who can offer hands-on guidance. Everyone learns differently and brings unique tech comfort levels to the workplace – regardless of generation.

Tip #5: Observe Use Cases – Continue to Ask for Input

Once you’ve deployed a new tech solution, be sure to pay attention to how your team uses it. Ask for frequent updates about whether or not the solution helps simplify day-to-day work. Are they able to collaborate more efficiently? Does the technology help or hinder productivity?

Help people meet, collaborate, and communicate effortlessly

If your goal is to help people meet, collaborate, and communicate effortlessly (which we hope it is), it makes sense to consider how different people within your organization feel about and use technology.

Taking the extra steps outlined here will help you discover and accommodate a variety of tech preferences – and help you shift from your team just using solutions to enthusiastically adopting them. That’s the path to solid ROI for your organization.

Need recommendations on how to select and implement an AV solution that’s easy for everyone to use? We can help. 





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Ben Seiber

Written by Ben Seiber

Ben Seiber is the Digital Signage lead at PTG. Ben has decades of experience designing and implementing the latest digital signage systems for companies of all sizes.

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