Managing Crowd Control

Oct 27, 2020 11:57:23 AM

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As the world continues to reopen, we are once again faced with a new challenge — managing crowd control. In an era defined by social distancing and reduced capacity, many establishments are responding by having a "human clicker" — the person at the door manually counting heads as consumers move in and out of a space. Restaurants, retail, K-12, college campuses, and sports arenas across the world are looking for a better solution — a capacity management tool.

Capacity management benefits include:

  • Real-time metrics delivered digitally to any device
  • Easily set and enforce a capacity limit for the workplace
  • Effectively manage and control capacity limits



Introducing WaitTime technology, a state-of-the-art capacity management tool. This camera-based analytics platform can monitor the number of people in your space, inviting guests to wait when the space is at capacity or enter when the space is below capacity.

This real-time AI platform can also be connected to your app to allow customers to know a wait time in advance during peak hours, and its value doesn’t stop there. WaitTime’s features and benefits go far beyond capacity management and into product traffic flows and analytics for store display.

PTG is a proud partner of WaitTime and we thought we’d share firsthand information from their very own, Elizabeth Grabowski, Designer:



WaitTime uses entry and exit software to manage your crowds for you. Mount a camera over each entrance and exit to keep track of how many people are in the space. You can then keep everyone in the know on whether or not people can enter through communication via digital signage.

Need to make adjustments due to new mandates? No problem — there is a management portal to accommodate new guidelines. Avoid lines outside of your space as well by partnering with remote queueing technologies so that guests can join virtual lines.



At the end of every day, WaitTime will send you an end of day report that shares indicators of crowd capacity at each entrance and throughout the space. This provides documentation to ensure you are appropriately enforcing social distancing which will allow you to make adjustments to operations. Having documentation tools allow for more educated health and safety practices as well as proof of compliance.



Inform best business practices with real-time crowd counting and analytics. Whether you are implementing specials service hours, strategizing shift changes, or just trying to get a better idea of how people are using the space, WaitTime can help provide data backed with visuals to make more informed and responsive business decisions. For example, looking at your transaction information will definitely give you a start at looking into your data to know more about when your space is busy — but this info is not real-time, especially in environments where people might be "hanging out." WaitTime data can help you get more granular — like establishing the best times for happy hour based on historical crowd data.

We invite you to learn more about leveraging the full potential of point-of-entry solutions, developing an understanding of what it is, how it works, and solutions that are offered by PTG.

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