Important Audio Visual Considerations for Your Fitness Center

Apr 28, 2020 6:46:41 PM

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The global fitness and health club industry generates over $80 billion annually. In the US alone, this industry is worth over $30 billion and is projected to continue growing in the coming years. This growth can be attributed to peoples’ heightened health consciousness, diversification of workout regiments, and technology.

As a result of this growth, fitness facilities are sprouting all over, and there are currently over 32,000 in the US. Though there seems to be a high demand for fitness centers, it is vital for such facilities to offer a unique and exciting experience that goes beyond exercise.

What Makes A Gym Great

Apart from having the latest equipment or acquiring certification, your fitness center needs to provide an excellent sound experience. Whether it’s through earphones, headphones, speakers, or television, your clients will look forward to music to enhance their workout sessions. Installing a custom audiovisual system helps your customers listen to music or their favorite TV program during a workout.

Creating a commercial sound system for your gym that meets different workout needs is a thoughtful and yet fulfilling process. Your fitness audio systems need to cater to individual, private, couple and group workout sessions. Knowing which considerations to keep in mind when customizing your gym’s audiovisual systems will help you create viable solutions.

Placement + Accessibility

Unfortunately, four speakers in every corner in the room isn’t an ideal configuration. The placement of your speakers affects the quality of sound in the workout space. When you bring a professional on board, you can ensure that there is an equal distribution of sound within a space to avoid the creation of hot and cold spots. They will design speaker placements to evenly distribute sound, taking into consideration room size, ceiling height, and much more. More is not always better when designing speaker placement.

Naturally, you’ll want to conceal your wiring behind the walls and in the ceilings. Exposed wires are not only unpleasant to look at, but also potential trip hazards. You also want to ensure that the design and installation of the audio hardware does not interfere with your air ducts where your AC should go.

If you also need to install screens for classes or cardio workout areas, you need to remember to factor in height issues for people in the first two rows and those at the back. What happens when the cyclists in the first row stand straight on the bike? Is the view from the end blocked? What is the ideal viewing angle for everyone on the treadmill? How many screens do you need and how big should they be?

Lastly, you need to ensure that the controls are accessible by staff, but not by guests and members. The volume controls could be on the wall or on a tablet that is available to your gym users and instructors. Accessibility reduces downtime and ensures that staff can adjust controls as needed at any time. The last thing you need is an instructor calling you every five minutes to make adjustments to their music or volume.


Group & Individual Use

When your fitness center serves both individuals and groups, finding the right commercial sound system for your gym is essential. Let’s say you have several spaces for group workouts and others for an individual. How do you ensure that the music in the two areas is separate? Professionally designed fitness audio systems ensure that the yoga crew enjoys their slow music without interruptions from the up-tempo music from the cyclists.

Gym Member Expectations

Meeting your customer’s needs should be a top priority when designing gym audio and visual system. When clients come to your fitness center, as individuals or as groups with an instructor, they plan to reach their fitness goals. Music is an integral part of any successful workout session. You should ask yourself several questions.

  • Can the instructors plug and play their mixes on any device they have? Is your system compatible with multiple devices? Do you have jacks and cables for different phones and tablets?
  • Can the instructors adjust the volume and TV images quickly during a workout?
  • Is the volume evenly distributed in the work-out space? Can everyone hear the instructor clearly? Can they listen to the music without straining?
  • How are the acoustics in your fitness center? Can you hear an echo when you turn up the volume?
  • Are your wireless microphones easy to use and also sweat-resistant? Can your microphones withstand the use by different instructors throughout the week?
  • If you have several rooms in your fitness center, are they soundproof? Does the music from the spin class spill over to the yoga session next door?
  • Are the display screens easy to see from the back of the class? Can everyone see the screen without straining their neck and keep up with their instructor?

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Ease of Use

Gym instructors and users want to work out as efficiently as possible. Avoid making their lives complicated by installing hard-to-use systems. Have a plug and play system that does everything you need it to do based on how members use your gym or fitness studio.

If your users need the internet, keep your password simple and have the volume controls nearby and accessible to instructors.  Keep your interfaces simple and easy to read for anyone with access to your gym. As long as the instructors can quickly adjust the music and volume to suit their class, you’ll have a better chance of securing repeat clients.

A Custom Commercial Sound System For Gym

When it comes to fitness audio systems, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t exist. You should tailor your audio visual systems to meet the needs of your fitness center. Reach out to a professional today and enjoy custom fitting for your gym.

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