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May 27, 2020 12:26:19 PM

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The restaurant and retail industries are now facing a new reality. As rapidly as coronavirus has spread across the globe, these sectors (and their customers) are feeling the impact as they are struggling to adjust their business model to meet the new COVID-19 demands. 

This new normal is leaving many businesses trying to solve the ongoing problem of converting a sale without being able to bring consumers into a brick-and-mortar space. 


The decision to adjust to these new market demands has been the differentiator on whether a store will remain open or if they will be among the thousands of companies forced to close their doors for good. The need to adjust is urgent and many companies are responding. 

As if this shift wasn’t enough to grapple with, companies are now tasked with providing customers with a seamless shopping experience without ever leaving their vehicle. Adding to the challenge, consumers are expecting an experience that is convenient and well-organized, with the primary focus on safety. 

Integrating new methods of shopping, companies are choosing to combine an online/mobile shopping model with a curbside pickup option from a brick-and-mortar location. For many, this has become the preferred way to do business and companies are benefiting by converting sales at the curbside. 


While this is not a new solution in the marketplace, it is certainly expanding its reach to even the most hesitant of shoppers and the benefits of curbside pickup are vast: 

  • Customers Benefits 
  • Customers feel the security of doing business safely 
  • Easy and convenient 
  • Offers flexibility for pickup times 
  • Saves on shipping costs 
  • Business Benefits 
  • Boosts customer loyalty 
  • Strengthens brand image 
  • Leverages in-store inventory 
  • Increase in overall sales 

Assembled Curbside ConversionCURBSIDE PICKUP SOLUTION

In business for more than 30 years, Promotion Technology Group has the experience in the cutting-edge to bring new solutions to life for your restaurant/retail industries. 

PTG Curbside Conversion is offering a system designed to help you innovate your customer pickup experience in a way that is simple, professional, and reassuring to the customer. We offer a portable, two-way communication solution—an easy-to-use drive thru system designed to eliminate customer pickup confusion. With just a wrench and a screwdriver, you can provide your customers with a safe, high-quality pickup experience. Click here to see it in action.


  • Touch-less system enabling social distance 
  • Contact-free communication with customers 
  • Customized and branded signage 
  • Opens phone lines for incoming orders
  • Long term solution for third party delivery (DoorDash or GrubHub) 
  • Easily reconfigured to meet changing demands
  • Easily assembled, disassembled, and stored 
  • Convenient beyond COVID-19 impact 


At first glance, curbside pickup was put in place as a source of convenience for the consumer. It is now a helpful step in order to remain viable and in some cases it is the only solution for businesses to remain in the game.  

Ready to step into a curbside solution to fit your needs? We’ll work with you to sort out all the details. When you’re ready to meet these new market demands, we’re here to help.

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Deborah Zupancic

Written by Deborah Zupancic

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