The Relationship Between Digital Signage & Internal Communication

Jun 24, 2022 11:37:47 AM


The use cases for digital signage are vast. In fact, digital signage is proving to be one of the fastest growing communication mediums in existence today. Commonly found in high-traffic areas such as malls, standalone retail shops, airports, and restaurants, many people believe that digital signage is primarily used for commercial purposes and largely shown in high trafficked, public spaces. This isn't always the case though. Digital signage can also be used within a company office or headquarters to promote internal communication, welcome guests, or even allow for way-finding in the building. 

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internal communication & Why It's Important

Internal communication is the lifeblood of any well run organization. It is important to position employees with data and information to make decisions and interact with one another. This helps to establish a trusting relationship not only between employees, but between employees and management as well. Organizations built on trust perform at more optimal levels, and thus have a stronger top and bottom line. Internal communication is all about ensuring effective communications within an organization and making sure there is a free-flow of information that is readily available to anyone who would need it.

From message creation to keeping employees informed and motivated, every company should put effort into creating the best possible employee experience, both in office, and remotely. When employees are connected to the company, they are more engaged, productive and most importantly happy. 

The corporate landscape has undeniably become more digitized in recent years, traditional internal communication is losing its stronghold, especially as a younger more tech-savvy generation enters the workforce. Even email is becoming less of a focus in some organizations, instead opting for texting, voice memos, and digital pathways such as digital signage. Providing information alone is proving to never be enough in today's world where information is always at your fingertips. The outdated modes of communication such as email just aren't as engaging, nor keep the attention span active of the viewer for as long as new more digitized methods do. 

For example, anyone can easily miss a memo that is pasted on a noticeboard, or an email gets bumped into a spam folder on accident, but it's really hard to miss a company notice on digital signage as an employee enters or exits the building daily. 

Let's cover a few other reasons that digital signage is important for internal communication


1. Digital signage is attractive

There are many ways that digital signage can be implemented to improve internal communication within an office space. One of the most common applications is to display company announcements such as meeting schedules and company events, guest welcome lists, or even fun new content the marketing or branding team is releasing. Who doesn't want to see the latest humorous video fro the creative team, and the conference room schedule for next week right? Both serve a very meaningful purpose in terms of communication and morale. 

Digital signage is attractive due to its ability to capture both visitor and employee attention by using vibrant colors, attention grabbing images, dynamic videos, and other unique visuals that engage the senses. All of these are possible because digital signage supports a wide range of digital media formats such as images, videos, animations, and even other forms of motion graphics.

 LCD & LED display technology allows for superior digital signage quality and a premium appearance for the business that uses them Video resolutions are getting larger. Color ranges are getting wider and more dynamic and the appearance of the content is becoming crisper seemingly by the minute, In a world where employee satisfaction is becoming crucial for retention, providing a premium, inter-connected communication pathway through digital signage is vital to company success. 


2. It provides a fun communication platform

The workplace can be a serious place (often times too serious), but it doesn't mean that a buttoned-up culture has to be stagnant or boring. There are times when humor, fun, and enhanced creativity bring benefits to a company's bottom line. 

An organization can use digital signage to display funny videos or culturally important images in an effort  to bring the working environment to life. Pressure from the tasks at hand can sometimes push employees to shut themselves completely off from their team members, the company as a whole, or colleagues, in favor of simply "doing their job". When there are no conversations within an organization, internal communication can fail terribly. Digital signage can improve communication at every level. 


3. It Improves morale & motivation

Motivated employees can lead an organization to its success, as can those that are happy and joyful creating a positive office culture. Digital signage can also be used to increase happiness levels of employees who feel communicated with by displaying motivational quotes, goals, and achievements. Use digital signage to highlight the company's goals, vision, and mission. This can help employees and motivate them to work towards the same goals.

Another important aspect is to recognize employees' achievements, and make them feel as though they are valued by the company  Managers or company owners, or even executives can show their appreciation by displaying recognition messages on the digital signages. This can help to boost the team morale.






4. it streamlines communication

A large organization has many communication challenges.  It may have offices in multiple cities, states, or even countries. Using digital signage in an organization can help to ensure consistent communication across all offices. A company administrator, or HR executive can publish and push the content easily from a centralized location to all other digital signage deployments in different locations, or they can even publish varying content by location.

Another benefit of using digital signage is the speed to publishing. Users are able to publish content very quickly when compared to other traditional means of communication. This saves time and money. 

Running effective internal communication is never an easy task. Engaged and motivated employees are the most valuable asset to an organization. If you are having a hard time building a strong relationship between employees and the organization, give yourself an opportunity to set up a digital signage network in your organization. PTG can help with that. Contact us today. 


5. It can even be socially unique

Need to extend the reach of digital signage into a lobby or common space such as a cafeteria? A social media wall is nothing but digital signage that is used to display social media feeds on a real-time basis from any company channel. This can provide employees with insight to customer sentiment, or even help them to understand what initiatives the organization may be prioritizing socially. It also allows employees a chance to engage on the social channels on their own devices and contribute to that real time interaction in the common spaces. 



Corporations of today require audio visual systems, and digital signage in many cases and PTG's design and installation expertise ensures you get what you want and what you need.

Designing and installing digital signage can transform a bland lobby, a common hallway, or even a storefront into an immersive and interactive experience. Each AV project requires a fresh approach, meticulous project management, and industry-compliant engineering.

From building-wide conference and display systems, to a boardroom ready to tackle international teleconferencing and sales presentations, let our design and engineering team show you what’s possible. Nobody does interactive video walls like PTG, whether installing a basic AV video wall or helping to create a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Ben Seiber

Written by Ben Seiber

Ben Seiber is the Digital Signage lead at PTG. Ben has decades of experience designing and implementing the latest digital signage systems for companies of all sizes.

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