AV In Retail: Content Drives Continual Evolution

Jul 25, 2022 12:28:10 PM

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We all know that content is still very much king in the world of retail, and digital signage. It tells the story of a new product, of a sale price, of a customer journey, and more. It can elicit intense psychological emotion and be the very thing needed to turn a prospect into a customer/. Recent AVIXA research showed that nearly 48% of retailers plan to increase the amount of digital signage in their stores. That's a staggering nearly half of the market that view the technology as being vital to their businesses. What is shown on those displays is also the real key to retail success. Retailers that drive both top line and bottom line revenues have digital signage content strategies in place that are measurable and scalable. 
When AVIXA asked shoppers what they thought of the many displays, videowalls, retail kiosks, and other digital experiences expanding within the retail landscape, more than half agreed that the new content and displays helped them find products and/or learn about them.  Over 40% also said it added to their enjoyment of shopping in those retail stores, and 35% said the messaging shown influenced their decision of whether or not to buy a product. The content is obviously important to the customer, they want to be wowed, and educated. A term we call "edutainment" This sense of product knowledge and enjoyment of the moment creates a higher likelihood of gaining a lifelong customer. 

With additional retailers adopting digital signage and other audiovisual experiences to draw and engage shoppers, they face a digital problem: Who’s going to create all that engaging content? Maybe even more importantly how are they going to create it?  Many internal creative teams are small and not scaled for this type of implementation. Other's leave content up to franchisees with limited budgets that are directed to partner agencies with corporate subsidized budgets. Neither of these are the perfect solution for effective communication. 

Today, audiovisual technologies exist that can automatically produce new, customized content for videowalls and other digital signage. Generative content can adapt in nearly real time with consumers wants, desires, and needs. Let's learn a bit more about the role of content in retail digital signage. 


Generative content comes in many shapes and sizes, but at its core is software and algorithms that combine pre-designed content (from a variety of sources like internal teams, external teams, pre-designed, corporate teams, and even freelancers),  and available  data to create original and one-of-a-kind visuals in real time. This type of content can be updated based on foot traffic, environmental elements, time of day, even the length of a line. 

We've seen companies feature a mix of pre-rendered, pre-shot video footage, with a series of copy points that are available based on the traffic of a space, and create primarily generative content that changes itself a handful of times in an hour. With today’s technologies and the right software and AV partner, we truly live in a retail world where if it can be imagined, it most likely can be done. 

Reactive shopper content

A retail destination is an environment where you feel like you can sit, relax, enjoy, get perspective, be inspired and learn. The brands that provide this best for their customers are the one's winning the sales numbers. 

For instance videowalls featuring otherwise static content come to life with interactive movement when a customer engages with them, maybe by waving, gesturing, or simply walking by. This makes the shopper more active in their own buying experience and leaves a lasting image well beyond that specific day. Displays can quite literally sense a person nearby and generate what the brand deems as appropriate content for that specific situation (time of day, weather outside, etc...).But it goes beyond even simply the buyer having an experience. For instance, if a child approaches the content for example, they can play with child-friendly content, or maybe even a game. This can be be determined by a height sensor or even a eight sensor in the floor. 

This type of interactive customer driven content helps meet the challenge of keeping retailers’ digital signage fresh, and the content leading edge and unique. This keeps shoppers engaged and in-store longer thus extending their purchase window for products in the store. 

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Jacob Zupancic

Written by Jacob Zupancic

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