Consumer vs. Commercial Components of Digital Signage Displays

May 19, 2020 8:18:00 AM

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Digital signage is an important part of your business whether you realize it or not. It communicates value to your customers with what you offer and promise to do, and it represents your brand by creating a way for your audience to identify who you are.

There are many options in the market when it comes to digital signage hardware, but how do you know which one is right for you?

The first step is to understand the difference between consumer and commercial digital signage.  Some companies might opt to choose a consumer digital sign, but while it might look similar, the components inside can determine the quality and life of the product.

Why Commercial Digital Signage?

If you need a pressure washer for your home, there are undoubtedly many options. It’s not a challenge to find a washer that’s of great quality. But that machine is built for a home and occasional use. If you were to start a business with the same product, it would likely break down since it's not designed to withstand heavy use.

The same goes for digital signage. Many things can go wrong and break when you’re running a consumer sign for hours. Its components aren’t qualified to run it the way you need it to.

At Promotion Technology Group, we help you improve customer engagement and exceed their expectations with due-diligence and staying on top of the latest interactive products that will delight and deliver an engaging experience like no other. Digital signage interactives are fun, informative, and a great sales tool. When the tech comes from us, it’s reliable and easy-to-use.

The difference between consumer vs. commercial digital signage displays can be found in its components.

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Digital Signage Components

When determining the signage you need, consider your daily operations as a business. How many customers are you dealing with?

Are you a specialized fitness instructor with just a handful of loyal customers? Are you a car dealer with hundreds of customers a week? The type of business you have can determine the type of display and digital signage hardware you need.

The biggest thing to consider with commercial and consumer digital signage hardware is the wear and tear. Consumer displays are not meant to undergo heavy usage – they’re not built to run all day and night. If you use a consumer display all the time, expect maintenance and replacement costs.

The following components are important factors to consider when comparing consumer and commercial digital signage displays.

Size of Signage

A consumer sign is set at a standard (and smaller) size, while commercial signs can be much larger and designed to fit an array of business needs for your customers. 

While consumer digital signage hardware is designed for viewing in one setting, commercial hardware is designed for much more. This means different sizes for kiosks, waiting rooms, and more, are available to businesses.


When you get a consumer digital signage display, expect the design to vary year by year. This can be an issue when you have multiple displays in your business. You want everything to look uniform because everything contributes to your brand and customer experience.

Commercial designs rarely change, and when they do, it’s slowly. You can expect the look to feel the same for years to come. Instead of having to change out all your displays every couple of years because of one replacement, you won't have to worry about it with commercial digital signage hardware.

Quality of the Bezels

The quality, shape, and size of a bezel depend on the type of digital signage display you get. A bezel is the frame of the display that shows on the viewable area and that connects with the backside. It keeps everything holding together with a consistent design.

A consumer bezel will be a standard size and made to last in a living room environment, whereas a commercial bezel is made to withstand much stronger conditions. Imagine a menu display for a restaurant where grease and other materials latch on to it or an airport display where high traffic areas can cause wear and tear. A commercial bezel is built for a business and its high use of equipment.

Types of Warranties

Consumer warranties can be just a year or two, while commercial warranties tend to have longer coverage. This can make a big difference when you are investing in your business.

What happens if you choose consumer digital signage hardware when you should have chosen commercial for your business? Many warranties void a large portion of their guarantee if they determine you’re using a consumer display for commercial purposes, and this is because consumer displays aren’t meant to operate 24/7 like commercial signs.

digital signageA Better View

Consumer displays use traditional views and sizes, which limits your potential to communicate what you want to your customers.

Commercial displays, on the other hand, normally use a portrait view. This allows customers to see more of the screen and gives businesses more space to display what they want. 

Longevity and Screen Quality

The biggest reason to install commercial digital signage for your business is because of its ability to withstand continuous use. Consumer technology, as you probably now realize, is not designed to work 24/7. Your display will quickly deteriorate.

Consumer technology allows for approximately eight hours a day of viewing, while commercial solutions can be on all day and night and remain brighter. This makes a big difference when you’re in a business setting with customers coming in and out of the office or store.

Software and Flexibility 

As a consumer of tech for your own home, you understand consumer displays are designed to be straightforward with a foundation of what the average person wants. 

For commercial businesses, however, there are many software options and features that allow for various uses. If you need to display store information or a menu, you can easily do that with software and a custom hardware design.

Commercial digital signage allows for great customization for the unique needs of your business.

Multiple Resolutions and Syncing

Unfortunately, consumer displays can’t handle multiple formats and resolutions while still appearing in a professional manner. The solution to this is commercial displays, which have the software and hardware necessary to accommodate many different file types and sources to display what you desire.

Unlock the Potential Today

With all the possibilities of a digital signage display, it can be challenging to know where to begin. 

To unlock the true potential, you need someone to help you understand how commercial digital signage works and how to create an integrated system to meet business goals. Promotion Technology Group has the experience in this cutting-edge field to bring digital to life for your commercial environment.

Ready to find the best hardware solutions to fit your needs? We’ll work with you to sort out all the details and help with installation, training, maintenance, and upgrades. When you’re ready to join the digital revolution, we’re here to help.

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