Communication Technology During Covid-19

Aug 18, 2020 6:09:00 PM


Today’s two-way radios are smarter, lighter, more user-friendly and are being integrated by industries such as hospitality, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. Companies are investing in them as their communication tool of choice to better serve their guests, clients, and patients.  There is such heightened need for clear communication right now at safe distances and it has left many industries scrambling for solutions. Two-way radios make it easy to maintain safe distances at work and still communicate and collaborate. Thinking about using tools in new ways is key to facilitating business in safe ways. 


Businesses considering Two-Way Radios 

  • Nursing homes 
  • Hospitals 
  • Healthcare clinics 
  • Retailers for Curbside pickup 
  • Restaurants to facilitate Curbside pickup 


Why use two-way radios instead of smartphones and walkie-talkies? 

Let’s consider all the options at a glance. 




Walkie Talkies 


Two-way radios 



Any range with service area 

Short range 

Long range 200,000 ft or 15 floors 

Battery Life

Variable battery life depending on age of phone 

Short battery life

18-hour battery life 


One to one communication 

One to one communication 

One to one or group communication 

Additional Fees

Monthly subscriptions and fees 


No subscription or monthly fees 

No subscription or monthly fees 


Personal unit 

Personal unit 

Unit can be shared with many individuals by using personal earpieces. 


Single charging where ever an outlet or phone charger can be located 


Charging stand holds two units 

Charging stands hold 6 units  to keep Motorola CLS Series radios centrally located and charged 


Have to dial or look for favorite number and wait for answer or get voicemail 


Quick connection in short range 

Quick connection to needed parties 


 16 dedicated business channels 


Works well in noisy areas 


Direct dial 

No privacy 

121 privacy codes 


Optional purchase 

Depending on brand 

2 years 


SmartPhones vs. Two-Way Radios   

Smartphones may be today’s most popular form of communication, but two-way radios are more dependable and offer a host of benefits to businesses that need a quick, uninterrupted, and private communication tool for staff and management. They are cheaper to provide than smartphones and they have no monthly contracts or fees. They stay on site and are used exclusively for business. They’re essential for businesses looking to maintain employee productivity and engagement that ultimately improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

For some businesses, such as retail and restaurants, it isn’t feasible for staff who need to talk to each other to use their smartphones. It appears to customers that you are making a personal call instead of helping them. Besides the cost of providing business smartphones for all employees, two-way radios provide instant answers and seamless communication. Industries such as manufacturing, utilities, and public safety have been using two-way radios for a long time. If you shop in big box stores you’ve likely seen employees using them to check with stockrooms, speed pickup processes, or get advice from another team member. 

Walkie-Talkies vs. 
Two-Way Radios 

For kids, walkie-talkies are nearly a rite of passage. A means of adventure and exploration, they’re indispensable to games of capture the flag or for keeping in touch with the parents while camping in the backyard. Walkie-talkies, although technically the same, differ from two-way radios in some key ways. 

  • Walkie talkies have a lower range. 
  • Two-way radios have more features, extended range, and longer battery life. They also offer one-to-one or group-to-one communication options. 

At a time when the pandemic crisis is limiting close contact, two-way radios keep the lines of communication open. They're an ideal solution for a variety of businesses that before now might not have thought of them to enhance communications. For instance, many companies are now offering curbside pickup. Two-way radios can speed up the process and deliver a smoother, more enjoyable customer experience while keeping business phone lines open for incoming orders instead of order pick-up. 


Two-Way Radio Safety During COVID-19 

The coronavirus pandemic has people washing their hands and practicing social distancing like never before. Keeping communication devices clean is crucial to preventing spreading of the virus. Use these tips to disinfect two-way radios.  

  • Frequently wipe them down with a clean cloth. 
  • For deeper cleaning, avoid chemical cleaners, sprays, or petroleum-based products which can damage the radio housing. Instead use wipes or sprays that contain isopropyl alcohol. Diluted bleach at a 1:10 bleach to water ratio can also be used.  
  • Take care to avoid getting any liquid cleaning solution in the speaker or microphone openings.  
  • Wipe the radios with a clean damp cloth using mild soapy water. 
  • Finish by using a clean cloth to dry the devices. 


Which Two-Way Radio Does Your Business Need? 

There are many two-way radios to choose from and which model is right for you depends on a number of factors, including the size of the space they’ll be used in. Motorola and Midland both offer quality products.  

Two models to consider: 

The affordable Midland BR200 2-way radios that offer a 250,000 sq. ft. range. Key features include: 

  • A battery that lasts up to 21 hours. 
  • 16 business channels. 
  • 142 privacy codes. 
  • Docking stations that hold six radios at once. 

The programming software is easy to download and instructions on how to operate the radios are clear. Earpieces are employee-specific and easily replaced. 

Motorola CLS1110 or CLS1410  feature a sleek design, can be easily cloned and 

  • Have a battery life up to 18 hours 
  • Work well in noisy settings. 
  • Have the flexibility to grow with your business 


Learn More 

From restaurants to department stores and senior living facilities, two-way radio communication helps businesses improve flow, optimize customer and client services, and keep communication at a safe distance while still helping customers with ease. For stylish, functional, clear, and discreet communication in business settings, two-way radios are a smart investment that makes for a more efficient workforce and more robust bottom line.  

To learn more about two-way radios and how they can benefit your business, contact PTG today. 


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