BYOM vs RBM An Introduction: What Is It?

Jul 7, 2022 12:07:38 PM

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What Is RBM?

Room-based meeting (RBM) systems provide AV solutions that service the meeting endpoint. A room based solution provides maximum utility by allowing the end-user to walk in a room, sit down, and start the meeting in which they are about to lead.  In this scenario, no personal computer is necessary, rather the room itself has the technology housed to facilitate the meeting. This type of AV technology is most often conferencing platform agnostic, meaning you can start a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google meeting, or any other type of platform based meeting tool. An RBM system makes it possible to easily launch a meeting for the on-site participant with the touch of a button. A RBM solution provides a boardroom quality meeting in any space regardless of size. 


Now That we understand rbm what is the difference with byom?

RBM is the AV solution that is often looked upon as  bringing the most premium experience for your participants, but the reality is, BYOM can also bring loads of flexibility and the participant leading the meeting has the familiarity of their own device.

Bring your own meeting (BYOM) solutions enable users to host the meeting on their personal device such as a laptop or phone and broadcast it through the room’s video and audio system. This solution is incredibly flexible and allows users to collaborate on virtually any conferencing platform while having content that is both stored locally or in the cloud be a part of the meeting. It is ideal for companies that have not standardized on a single AV platform in their conference rooms, or with regards to their meeting software company wide.

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