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E-Commerce has given today's buyers a personalized shopping experience tailored to their buying habits and whims. To compete, brick and mortar stores have had to develop a more interactive, data-rich process. 71% of traditional buyers spend more than $50 to online shopping’s meagre 54%, so retail therapy still has power.  To leverage it, interactive displays are delivering retail experiences that are every bit as personalized as those in the online biome. 




In the past, interactive retail displays have been used to captivate imaginations. Smart signs certainly have the power to entertain, but eCommerce has proved that consumers want their buying goals to be enhanced, not ignored. Today’s brands are meeting that need by giving passers-by smartphone control over interactive signage. Shoppers can use smart displays to browse catalogs, discover discounts, and even process their payments. Effective display marketing strategies acknowledge buyer spending goals, but come up with creative ways to enhance them. Think social sharing, buyer’s guides, loyalty programs, and signage that interfaces with analytics to deliver a personalized buying experience. Some displays even give clients the power to personalize their own products. This level of innovation doesn’t require a massive financial outlay or lengthy time-to-store period. It can be scalable, delivering at price points that suit every business size. The digital signage trend has already become all-encompassing enough to create its own movement. It’s called experiential retail, and it recognizes that customers invest in experiences, not products.




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Every brand has unique selling needs, so every smart sign is different. Your interactive signage partner should leveraged display technology that allow sales teams to gather data on every buyer as they walk into the shop. Information is the most potent marketing tool, turning window shoppers into buyers by convincing them to wander inside the store. Shopping has become a personalized pursuit, so, it’s particularly popular among fashion brands like UGG footwear, which is using signage to give users the power to personalize their footwear as they order. RFID systems then trigger informative, branded content that drives the next journey through the buying funnel. It suggests complementary products, increasing cross-selling potential while delivering style tips and videos. Just like smart signage itself, there’s more than one way to personalize, though.

Retail, like storytelling, must create a brand experience that falls far beyond the four walls of your typical store. Interactive displays can achieve that by weaving tales about brands in ways that merchandising has never achieved. Fashion label, Farfetch, has used information from online searches to target interactive in-store messages. Rebecca Minkoff’s digital changing rooms take that a step further by leveraging interactive mirrors that are digitally connected to sales assistants. The displays can change lighting, suggest matching garments, and show buyers how each style looks in action.  Similarly, Neiman Marcus’ digital memory mirrors let shoppers view their outfits from 360 degrees and compare what they’ve tried on side-by-side. This way, buyers don’t have to re-try clothes, but they can send images to friends’ smartphones to collect advice in real-time. Every message adds power to the brand at no additional cost to the company while gathering important marketing data.

The automotive industry is quickly learning from the fashion industry's smart displays. Interactive signs are tools, though, and as such, they must be wielded well. You wouldn’t drive a nail into a wall with a wrench, and you shouldn’t use a toy store’s interactive display strategy to drive your realty business. That's why automotive brands' interactive signs are a universe away from those of Neiman Marcus. Audi’s London flagship store uses them to give shoppers a virtual product tour through touch and gesture-powered technology. Digital showrooms provide life-sized 1:1 screens and unparalleled service excellence. Not to be shoved aside, Jaguar Land Rover’s immersive Virtual Experience shows buyers vehicle features in poor weather conditions. Stereoscopic augmented reality demonstrates how messages are mapped onto the road ahead so you needn't take a test drive to be wowed. 




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Display technology is at its best when businesses think outside the box about their unique branding needs. It can move buyers to the next stage in the buying funnel, whether that entails a physical purchase, extra information, or an enhancement of the shopping experience itself. Displays don’t take coffee breaks or have bad days. They function long after the store closes for the night, and their service quality is decidedly more thrilling than a sales clerk can achieve alone, shrinking queues and leaving staff free to focus on what they do best: enhance personal relationships. Interactive displays don't just crunch data. They create data, which can, in turn, can drive your business' next evolution. The future of brick and mortar retail is every bit as quick and convenient as eCommerce. It does shopping better, brighter, and more compellingly. Now that's power. 




With all the possibilities, it can be challenging to know where to begin. You need a partner to help you understand the potential of interactive digital signage and find the best hardware and software solutions to fit your needs. PTG can help you sort out all the details and help with installation, training, maintenance, and upgrades. When you’re ready to join the retail digital revolution, we’re here to help.

Digital signage interactives are fun, informative, and a great sales tool. Discover the benefits of digital signage for your retail business.


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