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Professional audio visual services are now an essential part of nearly every business. Consumer expectations continue to rise, and digital installations are more important than ever.

Restaurants, corporate offices, retail stores, automotive dealerships, fitness centers, hospitality spaces, banks, schools, and healthcare facilities are all learning the value and necessity of professional audio visual services.

For many managers and business owners, it can be overwhelming even to know where to start. There are so many options, and technology is changing every day. Fortunately, there’s a trusted partner ready to walk alongside you from initial concept to finished, professional installation. Promotion Technology Group wants to be your AV service partner. We can work with you to create and install commercial audio, video, interactive systems, and other AV services to meet your business goals.







If your business is about connecting to customers, patrons, or clients, professional AV design can help you grow and thrive. Designing and installing the right solution can give you the edge your business needs to stand out from the competition.

Take fitness centers, for instance. Professional AV design and installation is helping cater to a new digitally aware clientele. In addition to the right exercise machines and great locker rooms, modern installations are transforming gyms and delighting members. A modern gym deserves more than some TVs and speakers, and an AV design with the latest display technology and sound system can do more than keep members entertained. Interactive displays can share important information, and audio branding can create a better environment for guests and staff, keeping people in the gym longer and coming back more frequently.

But how can your business understand what AV design will work best and ensure professional installation? PTG has been in this business for 30 years and our trained specialists can imagine, design, install, and maintain your system. That way, you can focus on running your business.




If you can't leverage AV technology to improve your business and drive more profits, then it may not be worth the investment. Work with a partner who understands how it can make a difference for your business and your customers.

PTG works with clients to leverage AV technology to draw more customers into establishments, keep them there longer, and increase their purchasing. From installing professional sound systems that set the tone and share promotional messages, all the way to custom, interactive installations, the possibilities are only limited by your creativity. With experience in AV technology in every sector of business, our specialists can help you think of ideas you may have never imagined.

For help choosing digital signage hardware, check out this comprehensive guide.




One of the fastest and most affordable ways to upgrade and update a space is through adding digital signage. Not only can digital signage change the look of a store, restaurant, business, gym, or another area, these signs can increase customer satisfaction and promote business growth.

Healthcare facilities are learning how digital signage can help put patients and loved ones at ease. Digital signage can be used to help people find their way through difficult to navigate spaces, and interactive displays can take that one step further, putting directions and other essential information at the fingertips of anyone through a kiosk. Waiting rooms can offer updates while using software that ensures full privacy is maintained. Interactive displays can be used to provide access to healthcare information and education.

PTG understands that healthcare providers have specific needs that are unique to the industry. Our extensive experience means that we can help you add state-of-the-art digital signage and interactive displays while following all the laws and policies regarding patient information. We can help design and install solutions that can make healthcare more approachable and improve patient outcomes.




Sound is not something that clients and customers often think about. When they do, it’s usually because there’s a problem. Poorly installed, outdated, or faulty sound systems can draw attention for the wrong reasons. The lack of any system not only leaves a space feeling like it’s missing something, but it’s also a missed opportunity to improve the customer experience, keep people in stores longer, and even increase sales.

You need a sound system design and installation to bring the right sound to fit your business goals. An expert technician understands the many ways sound can be used in a business and the unique properties of different spaces. Once a design is complete, the system installation is just as critical as you’ll want trouble-free service for years to come.


Too many businesses settle for PA systems that are trouble from day one. The purpose of any PA system is to broadcast important information, and if people can't hear the announcements, it becomes mere noise.

There’s science behind the right system. It starts with an acoustic analysis of your space, followed by selecting the right equipment. Finally, the PA system installation itself ensures that the system performs as it should.


Whether the goal is to provide calming sounds to clients in a hospital waiting room, adding a touch of class to a hotel lobby, raising the energy level in a retail store, or setting the tone at a bar or restaurant, choosing the right system and content is essential.

Adding background music to your business is about far more than finding the right volume level. PTG's experts can do more than help you find equipment – we analyze your space and traffic patterns and review your goals to select the perfect equipment for your background music sound system. Whether that music will be heard on the showroom floor of an automotive dealership, provide the soundtrack for someone's workout, or please the ears of bank customers, the right selection of music and a professionally installed sound system can make all the difference.




With decades of experience, PTG understands that no two businesses are the same. While we learn from all our installations and use that knowledge for future projects, every solution is a custom solution. By this, we mean the plan, equipment, and installation are designed specifically for each client – a custom solution that matches your business goals. We offer professional AV services that will help your business thrive.




Remaining competitive in your industry is about more than just your products or services, and you need every edge possible to keep customers coming back.

AV technology can help you create the customer experience you need for continued success. PTG’s design expertise ensures you get what you want and what you need. Once your AV system is up and running, you can expect it to stay that way. We’ll be with you every step of the way.



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