COVID-19: Adaptation Is Everything

Aug 25, 2020 2:56:42 PM

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As we continue to operate within the new parameters set in place by COVID-19, PTG is ready to help. Listen to a discussion with PTG, as we explore our vetted COVID-19 reopening solutions. 

The evolving footprint of COVID-19 is making an enormous global impact on society. While the long-term impact is unknown, one thing we know for sure is there is a new social responsibility to communicate and adhere to safety standards. 

We offer solutions for hand sanitizer stations, point of entry digital signage, curbside pickup, teleconferencing, and hands-free temperature screening, all specifically designed to help your employees and customers feel safe while onsite. These solutions are customizable to maintain your brand integrity. 

PTG is on the cutting edge of point of entry solutions. Whether you are looking to bring customers back into your space, or create a work environment that is safe and secure for your employees, PTG is your one stop shop for COVID19 solutions.  

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Laurel Wright

Written by Laurel Wright

Laurel Wright has been involved in Marketing and Communication for more years than she wants to count. She believes that everything revolves around relationships and building those relationships and connecting people is a great joy for her. As Senior Marketing Manager, she loves finding new ways to tell the story about what is happening in the AV Industry at PTG. You will find her jumping into any creative project she can find and always offering a hand to help others. She has never met a stranger! In her free time, Laurel enjoys many creative passions including baking and oil painting, and traveling with her husband Mark.

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