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Social media has changed the way in which we do business. People are used to interacting with the content they encounter, looking for unique experiences tailored to them. When businesses provide interactive displays at their storefronts, they give customers the experience they want and use technology to promote their value.

There are many options in the world of interactive retail technology. Whether it’s a video wall, a kiosk, or a smaller screen, the right display can transform a business.




The applications for using interactive technology are only limited by your creativity. Fortunately, PTG (Promotion Technology Group) specializes in creating, installing, and optimizing systems for maximum impact. You don’t need to understand exactly how the technology works – just be open to the possibilities it can create for your establishment.

From screens on shelf ledges and endcaps to large touchscreen merchandising electronics, interactive technology adds another dimension to the shopping experience. Even better, this technology can increase sales and productivity while reducing labor costs. Once available only to the largest retailers and brands, it’s now affordable for chains and retail shops of all sizes.

Interactive displays can be used for something as simple as scrolling images or video, to acting as a hand sanitizer station or a virtual sales associate helping customers learn about products and options. In many ways, interactive displays can incorporate the best of eCommerce while adding the branded experience of a physical location.








Here are eight ways that good interactive technology can increase sales, create a memorable brand, and develop a loyal customer base.

1. Increases Customer Engagement

Interactive displays give customers control to explore your products and experience your business for themselves. They can learn about what you offer, or even implement any customizable features you might have for your product.

Imagine someone who’s deciding to purchase a car. When they’re at the showroom, they can use an interactive display to experiment what their new car could look like with the upgrades and options they want.

In a productive session, they can decide if they want the car or not. It increases the chance that they’ll fall in love and see what it could look like with everything they desire.


2. Creates a Brand Experience

Branding is extremely valuable for a business. It creates loyalty, ties emotions to your product, and can ultimately increase revenue and opportunities for growth.

Sharing your brand can be difficult as it goes beyond the tagline and logo. Your employees must consistently implement your brand message, remind customers what you represent, and many other consistent factors go into play.

Interactive technology lets your customers experience a finely choreographed branded experience first hand with a lot of variables and risk factors removed. They see it in the content you provide, the user experience, the interface, and other factors, all designed to maximize specific message delivery and emotional response.


3. Provides Opportunities for More Sales

The most satisfying purchases to most customers are those that represent a great value. Not necessarily the least expensive. Customers who are able to research their own choices and decide on the solutions that best fit the specific need generally rate the experience highly. They feel as if they made a well informed decision and they'd be happy to make a similar decision again...with the same brand. 

This self-informed purchase path increases sales and lowers the odds of returns or refunds.

Naturally along the way, interactive technology can also promote cross-selling or upselling options. This introduces the customer to accessories, services and add-ons that maximize their purchase and commit them more deeply to the brand.


4. Lowers Labor Costs

Technology gives you control of your time. Save labor costs when you have interactive retail technology working for you.

With great displays, you can direct your employees to more hands-on and higher ROI tasks. You not only save labor hours, but you use the hours you have for the biggest returns.

By using interactive displays, you can empower your team. Customers will already be informed of the value you offer, and your team can amplify that experience. They’ll be able to close the sale or offer the best service faster with great quality when they’re assisted with technology.


5. Uses Flexible and Adaptable Options

One of the biggest advantages of interactive technology displays is the power to change them quickly. You don’t have to worry about ordering new materials or taking down signs. Interactive displays let you make changes at the right time for any circumstances.

If there’s an industry change, seasonal demand, natural disaster, or economic pivot, you can adjust to those challenges or opportunities in an appropriate time.

For example, if you sell skiing supplies but the snow is melting earlier than expected, you can quickly change the displays to promote the products you sell during the offseason. You can adapt your marketing efforts whenever you need to.


6. Educates Customers

All industries have challenges, and a common one is selling complex products or different product lines with similar features. Much of the selling has to do with educating the customer on why they might choose one product over another. If you can’t effectively communicate the differences, you may have trouble growing the business.

Interactive technology can educate customers on those differences. You can display your product and offer information when a customer touches a certain feature or attribute of the product.

Let’s say you sell computers and you want to differentiate the baseline product from your premium one. You can have all your computers on the screen, and when someone clicks one, you can display details and comparisons to help the customer make an informed decision. This is also a great way to upsell and cross-sell other offerings.


7. Can Be Placed in Strategic Locations

It can be challenging to connect with every customer when you have too much space or too big of a crowd. Sure, you likely have a great staff, but they can’t be everywhere at once.

With interactive retail technology, you can strategically place your displays where you think it provide the most use and best results. You might choose an empty area where customers seem to feel disengaged. You might decide on a spot next to a popular product that tends to get a lot of questions, or perhaps you prefer the entrance where customers can easily get started with the purpose of their visit.

Interactive displays give you the power to amplify your presence and use space for connecting with your customers.


8. Makes it Easier and Memorable for Customers

When you make things easy for shoppers, you give them a better experience. If they had a great experience, they’re more likely to buy your product or service, spread the word, and return as loyal customers.

Think of a time when you, as a consumer, purchased an item without any issues. When it’s easy, you’re more likely to do it again or become a follower of the brand you shopped with. Memorable experiences and ease of shopping builds a loyal customer base.




Interactive retail technology should be exciting – not overwhelming. Therefore, you need an experienced partner to guide you through the process. From brainstorming possibilities, selecting and customizing the right equipment, completing a professional installation, training staff, and providing maintenance and upgrades, Promotion Technology Group has the expertise to get you up and running.

We partner with industry leaders in hardware and software solutions and can help you find the best digital solution to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to add small form factor screens or considering a complete interactive makeover, we’re ready to help bring your store into the digital era.


To leverage the full potential of interactive digital signage and develop an understanding of what it is, how it works, and all that it has to offer, visit our comprehensive interactives info.



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