The nature of banking has been changing rapidly in recent years. From the ubiquitous nature of online banking and financial services to the creation of robot-investing applications that make saving money seamless, customers have come to expect more from their bank.

Many aspects of banking have gone digital, but the banking industry still relies heavily on brick and mortar branches found in local communities across the country. While online banking provides several conveniences, customers still appreciate the opportunity to meet with a banker face-to-face for big transactions or loan negotiations.

Unfortunately, when customers visit their local bank branch, they’re typically underwhelmed by a drab environment. Thanks to the proliferation of internet connectivity and smartphones, online banking is being completely revolutionized. However, many physical bank locations are still just as boring and disengaging as they’ve ever been.

This trend puts today’s banks in a difficult situation. As is the case throughout most areas of retail, when customers visit your bank, they now expect more than a simple transactional experience. Instead, customers are now seeking an interactive banking experience, with advanced audio and visual technologies to stimulate their senses.



At first, taking a traditional banking environment and turning into an engaging customer experience can feel like an impossible task. After all, the most important role of a bank is to provide top-tier financial services to their customers – not necessarily to provide an engaging high-tech experience.

At Promotion Technology Group (PTG), our team specializes in delivering cutting-edge AV technology that will completely transform how customers interact with your banking space. PTG is an industry leader in the creation, installation, and lifetime maintenance of interactive experiences that leverage commercial audio and visual technology to its fullest potential.

In other words, we excel in all things AV and are proud to offer several industry-leading services, including:

  • Innovative AV technology design that combines the day’s leading products and software to deliver fantastic customer experiences.
  • Expertly executed AV technology installation, performed by a dedicated team of experts that pride themselves on knowing everything AV.
  • End-to-end customer service with some of the best AV technology servicing professionals in the game standing by, ready to assist should your bank ever experience technical difficulties.

Regardless of the size or layout of your bank, we can implement an interactive experience that will help to boost customer engagement.


For banks, the lobby space typically serves as the focal point of the customer experience. If patrons are greeted by an eye-catching atmosphere, they’ll be more likely to rely on your bank for all their financial service needs in the future.

Adopting a custom digital signage solution will help to guarantee that customers feel engaged from the moment they step foot in the door. At PTG, we offer a wide variety of solutions that can serve as the foundation of an interactive AV ecosystem. Better yet, if none of our solutions fit the needs of your bank, we’ll create a bespoke offering that’s sure to impress.


bank lobby


If your bank is interested in really catching a patron’s attention, consider the benefits provided by an interactive AV solution. Specifically, we’ve found that technologies like digital kiosks are especially effective at passively building positive customer relationships. Digital kiosks are unique as they provide customers with the opportunity to handle most business transactions themselves from a convenient computer terminal.



When it comes to financial services, digital kiosks can easily be transformed into banking kiosks capable of automating most transactions. Think of a banking kiosk as a stand-alone computer terminal hosting your bank’s online services.

Instead of having tellers and bankers bogged down with simple transactions, customers can take care of their basic banking needs independently with the comfort of having bank staff nearby if assistance is needed. This saves both customers and bank employees time, leading to a true win-win situation.



Digital technology also goes hand in hand with analytics. Banks that keep up with the times are leveraging tools to collect data about their in-store customers. With retail analytics for banking, you can monitor the movements of patrons as they move about the building. Analytics and behavior sensing technology allow you to develop heat maps so you can place kiosks or cameras in an area with the most traffic. In conjunction with a kiosk, for instance, you can target millennial audiences with product and messaging that aligns with their needs.



There are few storefronts that require as much security as banks. From around-the-clock guards to silent bank alarm systems, there’s an overwhelming number of security solutions available. Yet, outside of industry standard security equipment, it can be difficult to make sense of which additional systems may be right for your bank.

To make things even more confusing, the quality of security system installation services can vary widely from company to company. At PTG, we can help you sort through this complexity to ensure your bank has access to the right security technology.



Most of us are familiar with video footage of criminals committing senseless acts on closed-circuit TV systems. While this may have turned into a pop-culture cliché over the years, every bank needs to have access to quality video surveillance capabilities.



While video surveillance capabilities are a critical aspect of bank security, there are a few other precautionary measures that can be taken by organizations large and small. We offer several security service products that will help to secure your facilities. Whether you’re looking to protect a small local branch or a large downtown office complex, we have you covered.


CCTV features


What would a modern bank be without top-notch telecommunications equipment? After all, technology might be advancing rapidly, yet an old fashioned person-to-person phone call remains one of the most effective ways to communicate. If your bank’s telephone solution is lacking basic amenities like on-hold audio, you’re doing customers a disservice.


Worst of all, if potential customers get frustrated with a bank’s telephone system, they’re far less likely to become a customer. This is where features like an easy-to-navigate recorded telephone menu come into play, which helps make the calling experience seamless for customers and employees alike. Whether you’re looking to install a basic telephone or an enterprise-level telecommunications architecture, our expert telecommunications professionals are prepared to exceed your expectations.


Regardless of the size or layout of your bank, PTG can implement an interactive experience to boost your customer engagement. Our design expertise ensures you get what you want and what you need. Each AV project requires a fresh approach, meticulous project management, and industry-compliant engineering.

We’ve been experts in the field for more than 30 years, and it’s our job to stay on top of the latest AV solutions and best practices for bank installation. We research and push for ongoing improvements.

Once your bank’s AV system is up and running, you can expect it to stay that way. We’ll be with you every step of the way.